Why Do We Get Brain Freeze?



Headaches for a lot of reasons. Sometimes foods like chocolate cheese or cured meat can cause them other times it stress or maybe changes in our sleep habits headaches are also caused by strain sinus problems coughing and even sex. And if you're really unlucky there a sign of neurological problems. But do you know what causes headaches over one third of the population ice cream diabolical evil ice cream otherwise known as a brain freeze or a quote cold stimulus headache in more lofty circles. The ice cream headache only requires two things first. Something cold touching the roof of your mouth and second hot environment like a summer day or Asana or a yoga class full of sweaty people. That's where we all usually eat ice cream right. Brain freeze is caused by both a constriction and dilation of the blood vessels in your head. There's a nerve center just above your mouth and when it gets cold it signals the anterior cerebral artery to widen trying to heat your brain with warm blood. Since the skull is a closed structure. The sudden rush of blood could be increasing pressure which causes the pain. We feel it's kind of a horrible stabbing achey feeling but the warm air around you causes these blood vessels to restrict again relieving the pain about ten to twenty seconds after its onset. This experience is reportedly similar to a migraine headache albeit a very short one it's possible. The influx of blood is supposed to protect your brain from extreme cold. The pain is usually in the mid frontal area but it can be unilateral in other parts of the brain. But don't worry. Experts say that ice cream isn't going to give you brain damage or anything in fact when they're correcting aneurysms doctors sometimes low your brain temperature down to sixty four degrees. Fahrenheit or seventeen point eight degrees Celsius so ice cream. Ain't no thing. Except there's only one cure for brain freeze. Never eat ice cream again. No I'm just kidding in one article about these headaches. A researcher actually said ice cream. Abstinence is not indicated so keep eating all the ice cream you want but slow it down a bit there. Hawse try to eat in small bites and avoid the roof of your mouth also. You may be more likely to get brain freeze if you already get migraines. The science isn't confirmed on that but since the vascular response of ice cream headaches is similar to the experience of migraine sufferers they may be more vulnerable. Researchers are investigating this connection now in hopes of developing. Even better painkillers.

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