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Putin he urged him to end an oil war that's driving prices down to their lowest point in twenty years it's devastated the oil industry including in the United States here's president trump talking last week I think they both want to make a deal and they're both smart they love their countries they want to make a deal that's good but it's also good for the world of they did because you save an industry NPR's Jackie Northam has been following developments on this Sunday morning Jacki good morning awhile what started the price war the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia right it it it started in early March and an OPEC meeting which included Russia and at that time oil prices were falling in Saudi Arabia was pressing Moscow to decrease production to try and lift the price and Russia refused from all accounts tempers flared in Russian stormed out of the meeting in Saudi Arabia said fine and in a complete reversal of what it was after decided it was going to turn the taps on full and since then the market has been flooded with crude I spoke with Alan Walden she's author of Saudi Inc and she says there's now stand off between the two countries at least for the first couple weeks in March seem like it was a battle of wills and who's going to blink first but in between that and today demand fell off a cliff global oil demand just died no well that's just because of the corona virus people have stopped driving and flying in industries have gone quiet and you know you would think that would be enough to call a halt to this spot but it has in Saudi Arabia and Russia have been exchanging barbs they're blaming each other for the crisis and meanwhile Saudi Arabia in particular is still pumping historic amount of oil and when this first happened president trump said look this is good for the U. S. this fight between these two countries will mean cheaper gasoline here but then last week he tweeted that he wants to trying get Saudi Arabia and Russia to resolve the situation why is he getting involved well the price of crude is so low now that it's really hurting the shale industry here in the U. S. and you know many companies are facing bankruptcy and thousands of jobs could be lost so trump has been pushing Putin and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman to come to an agreement I spoke with said Jim crane and he's an energy expert at Rice University he said this is a tough situation to and tangled because you're dealing with three very powerful and oversized personalities you've got you know with the ego trio here you've got to you know Putin and involved in some on it Donald Trump you know all the top three oil producing countries you know who are involved in this bizarre showdown this virus raging around the world it's a really weird situation and then my wife got these ultra low oil prices you know they're not good neither Putin nor the Saudi crown prince wants to look like they're backing down so is there anything president trump can do to get what he wants well trump says he's willing to impose tariffs on Saudi Arabia and Saudi and Russian oil he's indicated he wants production god cut by about fifteen million barrels a day but that seems highly unlikely

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It's morning edition from NPR

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