Relaxing lockdowns without boosting care could lead to new COVID spike: WHO

UN News


As some European countries begin to relax lockdown measures following weeks of confinement introduced to halt the spread of the new corona virus the World Health Organization. Who has warned of a potential second wave of curve? Nineteen infections in an update to strategic advice to governments issued overnight the U. N. Health Agency called for greater support for health services without it and other measures including testing infection. The premature lifting of physical distancing measures is likely to lead to an uncontrolled. Resurgence in caveat nineteen transmission and an amplified second wave of cases the W. H. O. said today Austria Denmark. Spain and Italy have relaxed. Some lockdown meshes among its recommendations. Who's said that more should be done to identify those with mild disease symptoms not just the severe cases. The development follows an appeal for greater solidarity in combating the disease from Urine Secretary General Antonio guitarfish in a statement supporting the U. N. health agency on Tuesday evening as US president. Donald Trump announced that he was halting funding for the UN health agency pending review. Mister Gutierrez appealed for greater unity so that the international community can work together in solidarity to stop this virus and it's shattering consequences

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