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But keep in mind the numbers change every week based on the percentage of positive tests experts say they consider the next fourteen days to be critical and warned residents not to let their guard down because there could be more than one spike son of a gun is ninety six point five W. DPO now the revision is twelve days sooner than what was previously predicted because Florida has not done enough to flatten the curve new this morning governor to Stannis is among the many now pushing for more antibodies testing they don't a tactical person presently has corona virus but this doctor says you could tell someone has already been exposed to it and developed antibodies to fight it they don't know the accuracy of this test when these antibodies appear how long they last what level reflects whether someone is immune all critically important information and right now it's not in clinical use yet coming up we'll give you the latest numbers over central Florida and the rest of the country Attard are are are now with corona virus that story next on Orlando's morning news this is channel nine chief meteorologist Tom Terry

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To the university of Washington's

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