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Gift Tracer and today on high octane. We are GONNA discuss some serious. Jim I right. Oh Yeah Oh yeah you don't even know. I am so hyped so hyped right now we are talking about robot wrestling. That's right. We're talking about full size. Well not full-size. They're kind of short actually but we're talking about robots fighting robots little robots. Some of them have fire. Some of them have muscles and all of them have heart. If you know what I mean can you feel it? I hope you can because arm telling you that this is an awesome thing. We are going to see where you're going to talk about some robots today and I am really looking forward to this now. I discovered this when I was looking through YouTube. I saw this awesome little robot. It looked just like a like a transformer that you would buy on the shelf but instead it was walking around and it was actually fighting a bigger robot and it knocked it down just with its hand. I was like Oh my God. Fat Is Amazing. That is the kind of thing you want to write home about. You know what I'm saying. Something that just shocked hugh to your system and something that just. Wow that is some serious stuff you know what I'm saying. The robots and We're watching the robot finding championships and there's two robots to get together. They fight now. You've heard about battle bots but bowel Batas old news. This is about full-sized robots fighting each other. I keep saying full size of when I mean to say is Well Toy size. Robots fighting each other. That's what I'm saying and these they're fighting and You saw that had uppercuts and sometimes they would They were pile driving each other and man. It was amazing. I was so jacked. I am always jacked and I'm telling you I was all all in you know what I mean. I was totally in to watch this. I turned on youtube and I saw fire sprout from their arms and they were really really rolling. You know what I mean like. You could just see the fight going on. You couldn't see sweat from the little robot bodies but you could see. You could feel the intensity. Can you feel the intensity? 'cause I'm I am so so pumped for these little robots that just I mean they're made out of metal and I mean this is definitely comes from like those stem projects where those kids are working hard and making these robots or. Oh no I look man. It might not be stem. Actually looks like it's IT'S A. Oh all right well. Or companies like companies they make robots and then they fight each other and like but they don't have things like awesome like awesome. Oes Not fighting a bigger awesome. Oh yet I don't know. I know that there was thou one time when they had that big robot fight the other robot. 'cause like the United States was like Whoa man. We're going to challenge you. And they're challenged German like and Japan brought it like they didn't think they'd bring it but they brought it man. The America looked like the kind of put together robot like they willed it and all that and like Japan looked like they kinda manufactured it and they spent a lot of money on eh and like I mean. There's no way out our ads buts about it man but we. We did not do that. Well and then we got like this little guy here. Look at him. He's really going good man. He's got his spin spin heads and he's taken out this little. This big one to lose con- like a tank kind of gold. Sorta like you know how you saw like in a what was that Futurama like that that big gold robot that like ran everything man was like him but like bigger buffer. You know it's called like the big Bob Farms you know. And then like the little guys like he's like he's trying to haymaker onto his legs man but I ain't seen a lot of damage you know what I mean. But it's been pretty cool and I've been pretty pretty pumped up and we're only out lie halfway point of talking about all these robots man and I'm telling you this is awesome. Oh look at this one. He's gone a little grenade. Oh my gosh I am so excited right now to see this this little guy with his little grenade wonder what is GONNA do. Oh that's cool. It popped out a flower. That's Kinda cute. I think I like that. I think like that ally law. I like flowers like one time on with my mom. I went to this flower shop. We were looking at flowers and I was so pumped man. I was so pumped for these flowers. It was so awesome. I was so into it man. I was so so into it. I mean you don't even know man I was like. Wow those are some flowers man. And that's not like I don't know it's it's umbro animal pro but I gotTa tell you man. I saw these hours. I was like Oh man. Those flowers were awesome. You know what I mean man. They were awesome. They were there and right in my face and I could smell them you know. Oh look at this little guy here. He looks kind of like a hamburger but he's got razor blades and fee now. He looks like he's going to do some damage to this one. That's just a it looks like it just made by PVC not. I'm not sure that they were really thinking when they put this thing. Oh that's not good. Wow look at the sparks fly on that little guy. Oh my God so much damage I am I am. I'm shocked right now. I am so shocked. I don't even know what to say. Oh my gosh I am without words. I I don't know man I don't know I'm just. Wow what can be said about something like this? I am so pumped so pumped you know just I sometimes I get so pumped and I I have to remember my blood pressure and you know little bit too much energy drink and I'm just feeling it. You know like the pounding pulsing in my head man. The veins are just like they're just like feeding into each other. You know and I feel the blood rushing rushing in and out in and out you know what I mean. It just feels like all this adrenaline. Just this peer octane. You know just rolling. You know what I mean. Just that pure high octane. Feel you know. And that's why doing this show some. I'll let people know. Oh look at guy. The little guy is oh well. He's not so little Alwa- he's like he's gained size. That's a pretty cool Ability for robot. Oh my gosh. Now he's doing a tombstone on the big guy. Wow that's amazing. And all that's all that I think. He's leak and battery acid. Yeah a little guy. I think you've done him in. I don't I don't think you need to not kick him. Don't kick him little guy and kick him. There ain't no reason to kick him. Oh Hill no no no. No I think that fight. So they're gonNA start a fire. Well that's okay it looks like the arena. People they brought out some. Some of those fire extinguishers man that's awesome. There's a fire extinguisher and they're just ruling it out. Man Oh my gosh I am so pumped you don't even know how pumped I am. I am so pumped man. I am so excited I am sitting here. I am watching this thing unfold and I am just be on words man. Oh my gosh. There's one he's got teeth he's by them right in the head. He's biting him in the head man in the head. He's biting them. He's biting with all his might. Oh my God I can't believe it man. I can't believe it. I am so pumped right now Go Little Guy Joe. Joe Vampire Joe Biden into his head. Little Guy Bite into his head. That is amazing right there. That is just absolutely fantastic. I am so pumped you know. I get pumped. I'll tell you today after I'm done watching this last match. I`Ma tell you the best energy drink for you if you WANNA have that kind of energy where you're stopping cars and knowing what's what may yeah. Oh Yeah Oh yeah that's how you're going to get some energy. You know what I'm saying. You're going to get the right energy. The right kind of feel and the power and and just know and like get really good on all your games and like if you can't win in the board game you know you could just you could take care of it. You know 'cause you're just gonNA keep going because you're going to be solved pumped. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited among talk to you about energy. Drink in a minute man Oh that little dude boo. Wow this is a pretty good match okay. We'll they're like holding each other. I don't know if they're hugging or what. Oh No. They're not hugging. They're not hugging. Oh that little guy just need him in the groin. Wow that was pretty bad. I think those are bullets. I well we're looking at him energy. Drink man we're GONNA look at some energy drink. I'm a find out. What has the most caffeine man the most caffeine? What has the most caffeine? 'cause I need the most caffeine man Saumur look for the most caffeine energy? Drink man so we can figure it out together so that we can be pumped together now and the energy shots. The most caffeine per bottle is these. Are the shots man. I don't really do shots but I'm just GonNa give you the four one..

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