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You the latest number somewhere central for the rest of the country are now with the corona virus that story next on Orlando's morning news this severe weather center nine chief meteorologist Todd Terry you're listening to the ATM expanded news feed on news ninety six five W. D. BO until another one is news meteorologist Brian shields upper eighties for today coming up we're tracking the return of the nineties and when our next front arrives one major problems brown in there one night for up to speed as well from champions gate following the downtown Orlando at Torrance is ninety six point five W. D. BO good morning it's eight oh for your listing to our eight o'clock expanded newsfeed fifteen minutes of uninterrupted news weather and traffic part of Orlando's morning news with Joe Kelly on news ninety six point five W. DPO good morning I'm Marcia Taylor and I'm re compute in Orange County right now we have over seven hundred cases of coronavirus ninety three been hospitalized nine of died seminal county your week two hundred cases one death

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And right now it's not in

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