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Clippers, Orlando And Instagram discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Let it grow now that's gonna be stuck in our heads for the entire rest the day right yeah I did see a very well a well thought out Instagram ad yesterday and it said now that you can't get your hair cuts we've got just the thing for you and it was an ad are you ready for ball caps a lid cap yeah others will be for sure I am not and I had to I I cut my own hair and because I mean I was just beside myself and I feel like I got to do something about this and I think a lot of us going to resort to cutting her own hair and I got I got the clippers yesterday I told my girlfriend she's gonna have to we have to set up shop in the backyard or something yep six twenty six good morning your listing Orlando's morning news updated weather in traffic every six minutes good morning Joe the nice temperatures staying with us for today hitting eighty three sunny skies throughout the day then for tonight clear skies down to about sixty it's going to be a nice night a cool and comfortable starter Saturday to tomorrow for Saturday mostly sunny eighty.

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Clippers, Orlando And Instagram discussed on Orlando's Morning News

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