Elizabeth Warren's Presidential Bid Comes to an End

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Senator Amy Klobuchar former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Brundige and former New York City mayor. Mike Bloomberg have all called it quits and today. We're adding Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to that list. I will not be running for president in twenty twenty but I guarantee I will stay in the fight for the hardworking folks across this country have gotten short into the stick over another. That's been the fight of my life and it will continue to be so warrants progressive policy driven campaign caught fire last fall making her an early favorite to win the nomination but she had a disappointing showing in the first elections in the primary season. Including this week Super Tuesday with more on the rise and fall of Warren's candidacy we're joined by Wall Street Journal reporter Tarini Party Tarini. Last fall senator. Warren was one of the front runners for the Democratic nomination but today she became the last remaining woman among the top tier candidates drop out. How expected was this announcement at this point. Given what we saw on Super Tuesday Warren was essentially left with no choice. But to drop out there was all choose facing a lot of pressure because she didn't win a single state she came third in her home state of Massachusetts. And so you know as this race drags out with Joe Biden on one side and Bernie Sanders on the other. The more candidates who stay in the longer the Democratic primary could become. And that's something that party leaders are trying to avoid They WANNA be trump and so they think that the field should sort of consolidate And so they can have a nominee sooner rather than later and she just didn't see a path forward a viable path forward. She did not end. You know ahead of Super Tuesday. Her staff had said that they were looking at a contested convention as one of the ways that were left for her to essentially be the Democratic nominee. They were hoping that she would pick up enough delegates on Super Tuesday to make that case but she didn't get that far and at this point. She said she just saw no path forward. Let's talk about the rise and fall of her candidacy. Tarini people were talking about her back in two thousand sixteen. When Hillary was running right she chose not to run in two thousand sixteen. And this time around you know. She started off with a few missteps She really did get her footing back. She focused her campaign on Ground Game Organization. She built out a huge campaign that focused on raising money online That really Invested in field organizers in in the early states An early on she did start getting a lot of traction. You know if you go back to the late summer early fall. She was starting to become the front runner in this primary. And then that slowly started That's that's slowly. Went away as more questions about her health. Care plan started. Cropping up she eventually put out a Medicare her own version of Medicare for all And you know wasn't really able to sell that both to moderate voters and progressive voters which she said today in her press conference was interesting. She said that when she started out she was told that there were two lanes in the Democratic primary the the Progressive Lane and the The moderate lane and Joe Biden would be the front runner in the moderate Lane and Bernie Sanders was in coming on the Progressive Lane. She was told she said that there was no other path. And she said she Set at the time that she didn't believe that that she thought that she could change things and she said today that that she was wrong It seems based on the way that this primary has played out who among those remaining candidates Former Vice President Biden or Vermont Senator Sanders Might Benefit from Warren's exit. So we'll have to see you know if she decides to endorse. She said today that she's going to take some time to think. And figure things out you know a lot of her supporters. Are you know more progressive? And if you in that sense they could be. You know they could move to Bernie Sanders but she also does have a lot of college educated women who aren't necessarily you know the Bernie Sanders Type of voter so she could. You know some Some of her supporters could also back Joe Biden Tarini. Warren's departure leaves two white men in their seventies competing to run against president trump another white man in his seventies. What are we to make of the fact that this was historically diverse. Field has whittled down to this. It was historically diverse. We had six women. If you know if you're including Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson. We had six women running Tulsi Gabbard is obviously still in the race but has not gained any traction she elizabeth. Warren was the you know the the last top tier woman still running. She sort of addressed that in her in her press conference one of the hardest parts of this is all those all those little girls. We're going to have to wait four more years. That's going to be hard. What affected Warren. Have on the two thousand presidential campaign and we'll see continue to influence it going forward. I think she will continue to have Influence and be a big voice especially if she decides to endorse either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. Going forward how they bring up some of her policy ideas and whether they choose to incorporate those in their own campaign that will be interesting to

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