Your pet can't catch coronavirus. Here's why one dog tested positive


Well after a dog in Hong Kong was found to have a lower level of the Wuhan coronavirus it's a make you worried about your pet I wonder what is John McDevitt reports local experts want to ease your concerns experts say there is no evidence to support that cats or dogs can become infected or spread the Wuhan coronavirus they cannot lover carry their own strains of coronavirus according to Dr Harvey Rubin a professor of medicine and computer science the specialty in infectious disease at the university of Pennsylvania so we have this thing called host range certain viruses and certain corona viruses have a host range that we that will infect doxo infect dogs but the host ranges and restricted to that particular host actor Ruben says viruses do well ever mutate and they can change their host range something that hasn't happened in the new coronavirus nobody can actually predict short of looking at the fire sequences how much mutation do you actually need to change the host Rachel world and rectal samples from the dog in question tested weak positive for the Wuhan corona virus the dog was not sick in the U. S. centers for disease control prevention says there is no reason to think that any animal including pets in the United States might be a source of infection with the new

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