Nashville tornado damage: Storm rips through town overnight Tuesday


Tornadoes ripped across Tennessee overnight shredding at least forty buildings and killing at least nineteen people one of the twisters cause severe damage across downtown Nashville leading blown down walls and roofs snapping power lines huge broken trees and city blocks in gridlock president trump says he'll visit the area out Friday WTVF TV reporter Eric hill D. as in David said county in middle Tennessee where a tornado destroyed an elementary school up the road here there are several homes that are destroyed as well we've been talking to those folks who say that they're just trying to pick through the pieces trying to find some of their belongings that are meaningful to them as the morning continues more people are coming out to help those folks are friends and family members that are coming out just trying to help people save what they can as our possessions are strewn about in their houses completely flattened by this tornado schools courts transit lines in the state capital close to some polling stations removed others opening late on this super Tuesday Nashville mayor John Cooper says last night was a reminder about how fragile life

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