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Seattle - Washington state to divert field hospital beds to other states in need


During the latest briefing from the coronavirus task force Dr Anthony Fauci credit in our state for how well we've handled the outbreak the president knows hundreds of field hospital beds will go from here to another state that needs extra help Kamel's Cole Miller has the latest we're talking about three hundred field hospital beds that the state had had previously previously requested requested by by the the sounds sounds of of it it no no longer longer needs needs again again we're we're doing doing a a little little better better than than a a lot lot of of other other states states now now it it is is worth worth mentioning mentioning we we are are not not talking talking about about the the best best that that I've I've already already got got it it over over to CenturyLink field event center the president said this move has to do with how well we've done with flattening our curve here in Washington we do have a total of one thousand field medical station beds allotted to us although many of them are here just yet a spokesperson with the Washington National Guard says she believes the president is referring to diverting some of those beds that have yet to arrive we do have two hundred and fifty of them currently sitting at a Yakima training center it is not clear where the bed slated to go to Washington will now go

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Seattle - Washington state to divert field hospital beds to other states in need

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