The Developer Origins Story of Adrianna Chang


I got into programming pretty late actually computer. Science and computers in general weren't really on my radar growing up. But I did have this love for math and for English. I really liked to write an express myself that way so a little bit later on into high school my parents who are actually both in the tech industry encouraged me to give computer class. A try and I was actually pretty reluctant. I didn't think it sounded very fun. I was picturing a bunch of kids typing ones and Zeros into computers and so yeah I was a bit hesitant But they promise that if I hated it I could drop it and take a different class so I decided to give it a try And to be quite honest I really didn't like it. In the beginning I was the only girl in the class and it seems like I was the only one who had never written code before so I felt pretty out of place But I really liked the teacher He taught me a couple of glasses. And he encouraged me to just stick with it a bit And what really changed things for me. Was this program called Tech Nation. It's this global twelve week program that encourages girls to solve local problems in their community using technology and entrepreneurship so they were bringing it to Ottawa. For the first time they ratio to all the schools in the district Where I was going to school and they said you know if you have a group of girls who might be interested in forming a team and taking part in this like tell them to consider signing up so I ended up taking part in it with some other girls in my grade It was a really exceptional experience for me. It was the first time I got to see female developers You know talking about things. They were excited about it and talking about work that just made them really happy and the problems they were solvent that they were really excited to solve So that was what really changed things for me. It's what made me consider computer. Sciences occur thing Suddenly it wasn't you know coating wasn't about writing little programs to solve math problems. It was this tool that I could use to solve actual problems around we in impacts people around me so I decided to pursue computer science after high school I am urgently from Ottawa here in Canada and I was applying to a bunch of different Canadian universities One of those universities. Carlton which is In Ottawa and it was actually at the time that Carlton was working together with shop vie to develop a work integrated learning program so it was going to involve essentially four years of computer science at Carleton combined with hands on experience as a developer intern at shop. So I had applied to Carlson. Cs program already and they reached out to me and asked if I was interested in applying for this work agreed with learning program. It hadn't even Really been approved by the board yet. It was still kind of being pulled together but shop if I had actually been a sponsor of tech nation and so I was already familiar with them Was Pretty excited about getting to work there? So no hesitation in applying and Yeah I ended up getting selected to take part and the very first cohort of this program which has since been branded dub degree And that's how I ended up at shop it's been a pretty whirlwind experienced since and actually finishing my degree and my time in the program this April and it'll be joining them fulltime in the summer. That is such an incredible story. It's so inspiring and it just seems like you've had a lot of opportunities that have come up that you've taken advantage of and you should be so proud of that. I am curious. So what was the day like for you? Would you be taking university classes during the day at night and then working at Chapel Fai like? How did you balance everything? Yes so the program Basically consists of twenty hours Carleton Thoughts time dedicated to mostly being in like lectures or being into Tourelles And then it's twenty hours a week of work On a team so the way the program is set up. Now there's about eight months to a year of Training and course content So students in the program will essentially be at shop by just learning about kind of the way shop by operates. And what What a developer dies day today? And what kind of workflow looks like And then after that period they get put on a team And at that point they're balancing teamwork and schoolwork So yeah that's that's the way the program operates. It's pretty fun to be. Yeah getting to learn in the classroom but also getting to work on actual problems at a company like shop fi so great so I'm going to take a gas that your first experience with Ruby on rails was when you got to shop with I if so what did you think the first time you saw it. Yes you guessed correctly so yeah I had no experience in rails prior to joining shop five I didn't even really know what rails was but I knew that Shop if I was kind of known for being involved with rails and for being a company that had adopted Rael since its inception almost and nowadays SCHOPF is pretty well known for having this huge rails code base that has managed to scale over the last decade or

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