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I am your host emigrant wardner and this is just a midweek check and see how you doing and also to thank you for all of the emails. I've been receiving I mean if there's one thing that's good that's coming out of the situation it's that I am hearing from so many of you. feedback on so many episodes. Not just the recent ones and also questions about future episodes things you'd like to hear from or hear about but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's been in touch Particularly about the doctor. Jeffrey rediker interview the compensation about Moore calls and the basically spontaneous remission and miracle healing and so many people saying that they had such a such an intense reaction to that one in how positive they found it and my wonderful friend the makeup artist. Sarrebruck actually emailed me saying it had a profound effect on her which was so kind of her and also the conversation. I had on the poker with Dr. CBO loads if you were really interested in that. And not just about his surgical abilities and how he talked about the human body and performing cosmetic surgeries but also his approach to business. I know a lot of your really very business minded whether you running your own business or you have a side hustle or whatever. It might be new really intrigued by his approach. I know lots of you had taken on his advice about yes. We've got time during quarantine during lockdown to learn a new skill. And there's all these ridiculous things as I've previously spoken about where you don't have to do that. You have to learn a new language or an instrument but how you can actually learn a complimentary skill. Perhaps we'll just investigate something that might help. Whether it's your business. Whatever it might be you can learn an adjunct skill that could actually benefit you. After this point something that you would normally think I really wish I had time for that to support my business or whatever it might be an move forward with it during this particular time so I know lots of you really took that as a as a bit of a call to arms to actually. I'm going to. I'm going to investigate that. So thank you for all your messages to everybody. There were same anchalee about that particular episode saying about the various things that you were actually finally going to look into Some people were learning coding. Which is going to help their job over. Going to really understand their finance side of that business because it's something that they felt that they didn't have enough insight on so it was really interesting to hear how a conversation with a plastic surgeon and actually really motivated lots of you to look at various other experts aspects of your life and how you could use the time in lockdown to maximize or potentially not. Don't particularly want because we talked about in the last mid week show or the one before Wendy Roe came on and talked about how ridiculous it is this pressure of well locked down there. Treat it like a an intense some of course where you come out with a skill at the other end which is just absolute nonsense. I'm speaking of Wendy Roe. Lots of you got in touch saying you loved listening to her career story and how so many of you a lot of you know me or have been with me for a long time so you know that my background is the beauty journalist right at the very beginning of my career and lots of you saying how you really enjoyed hearing about the garage. After a makeup artists trying to make a name for themselves and the graph of working on photo shoots and what it really took and how actually it really is. All those component parts the graph the not working for money the learning learning when to shut up knowing who to learn from and then figuring out how how and what. Your style is really interesting and how soup hearing her explain. Her journey really made it very clear. How those building blocks really fit together and have carved out this wonderful career Wendy House. They think he's everyone he listened to those episodes now. I did say a couple of weeks ago. I talked about or a few weeks ago. I talked about the The way to work more efficiently from home and and this is very much much. I ever bonus show really about the corona virus. Which is something I want to necessarily linger on. Because obviously there's a lot to say about that. I did a particular podcast about working from home and I think we've all been over a month in this now and there are some new developments that even. I'm I've learned that I've made mistakes even though I thought I had a pretty rigid structure in place so I just thought I'd really update you on that. And hopefully that might help you. If you're feeling you're getting to the four or five week mark and maybe your wobbling a little bit and just feeling a little. Bit like Oh. This is getting tough now. I talked in that episode which was how to be productive while working from home which brackets because of the corona virus. But I talked about having a structure. I talked about having a routine about getting up at the same time every day about going to bed at the same time every day. So that your body basically gets into a rhythm because when you're in a rhythm everything else kind of happens on autopilot if your body is in really nice easy rhythm then everything else seems to fall into place whereas what we don't have at the moment is a particular structure because we don't have to be anywhere at a certain time or do it a thing at a certain time so all of that has thrown has been thrown out of the window so for me structure is still really key. Is that my mom at seven. Am on weekdays. And I usually wake up this game. Does anyone else do this? I wake up and then I look over at my clock before I turned it around. I can see it. I guess an unusually within ten minutes of it which is always very weird but anyway anyone else do that. Please do and let me know worry moment. Let me know. But I get up at seven o'clock on Weekdays and eight o'clock on weekends and I find that that works really well. I always tend to sort of start making my way to bed at around ten o'clock. That's I have a cup of sleepytime t at ten o'clock maybe nine o'clock or just begin to sort of wind down and then. I'm going to get into bed together because I'm puttering around weeding doing stuff. Skin-care comes into and that can take awhile at this age so I do tend to sort of move towards the bed at around ten o'clock and I definitely definitely don't want to be out of bed any later than eleven sound like a boarding school or something but that routine is structure really works for me and that is a real they are really pillars and foundations and really cornerstones for me of making this work but then the other thing that I find really important is moving and If you follow me on social media you know most mornings I just do a little post before. I'm about to yoga on my exercises and just say hello. Everyone I'm up. I did talk about doing something different every hour. Even I'm not really doing that but as if I had in the back of my mind I feel like if I'm beginning to feel my entity dip. I can look at the clock and think it's quarter to five. I better move and do something between five and six this different from what I've been doing for the last few hours but I find that getting up in the morning immediately getting into some form of Jim Kit and moving really really helps and a it just helps wake me up wake my brain up and it just makes me feel good and it makes me feel like achieve something so Monday Wednesday and Friday I do little circuit workout with weights in my living room so I do love going Monday. I do for body on Wednesday and I do cool on a Friday. My golden intention during those thirty minute workout is to keep my heart bay or get my heart rate to and above one hundred eighty beats per minute for the on average for the half an hour and also just mind. My form do really good exercises. Make sure I'm before them. Well and then I can take that box and it's done and it's only thirty minutes and by the time you get into the second set of something or other you can kind of get them halfway through. It's not so bad and then again it's just that feeling of tick. I've done a workout. And then that's usually by eight o'clock eight thirty so that always sets my day on a really good fitting on the days. When I don't do those workouts I go for a walk early on. I found actually that doing a twenty minute. Yoga flow and I'll put the link in the show notes that the one that I do from Yoga with Adrian. It's really energizing. But it's still gentler enough to be good for beginners. Just gets me in the fame of mind and then I go out. I walk with per about our work with. I can imagine what even looks like but you know what I mean. I'd like to join with a bit of pace just sort of moving. Not just sort of doodling with purpose and then I come back and my day seems to pan out really really nicely in front of me and I was actually speaking to my friend Amy Lawrenson. Who is a fellow beauty journalist writer health writer and she's also a trained personal trainer qualified personal trainer. I should say and she was saying. Actually it's not a bad thing to exercise every day when we in lockdown. Because we're not getting the sort of you know we're not doing the movement we would normally do of getting on a train getting on the chew walking to work walking to the bus all of that activity that we all used to doing when we're going to places and being out and about when doing so actually exercising every day as long as you're mixing it up and you're doing a mix of strength of walking yoga if cardio is perfectly acceptable at this time so it makes me feel a lot better and I do like. I don't know if anyone asks why. Do like getting outside and I have found that going out early the as Moseley fresh and it's really warm. London and I'd like to go out before it gets really hot. So it's nice to sort of hit hit the day when it's nice and cool moti busy all of that kind of jazz so that has been really positive.

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