What's the First Nation with Totally Dark Skies?



A US based nonprofit organization with the mission of preserving dark skies and cutting down on light pollution there are about one hundred thirty certified dark sky parks preserves and communities around the world from Death Valley National Park to the Namibian Nature Reserve in Namibia to the tone of Flagstaff Arizona. But neely is the first and so far only entire nation to receive this prize seal of approval from the Association. The recognition has made a celebrity of the one hundred Square Mile Island. That's about two hundred sixty square kilometers with a population of one thousand six hundred which is located roughly fifteen hundred miles or twenty four hundred kilometers from New Zealand in the middle of the South Pacific. Ocean NEELA is a self governing state but it maintains a free says Houston with New Zealand which represents its tiny neighbour in many international affairs sheer remoteness alone contributes heavily to the islands dark environment but according to the international dark sky associations requirements the villages commit to using artificial lighting that leaves the night. Sky unspoiled unveiling the Milky Way. The ANDROMEDA Constellation and other brilliant starry objects in their full glory that meant retrofitting or placing street lights and lights in private residences and businesses culturally. The dark designation will help protect part of the island's heritage for centuries people have used the stars and lunar cycles for navigation on the seas neely is

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