President Donald Trump addresses coronavirus concerns as outbreak spreads


President trump has his health experts preparing for the worst with corona virus every aspect of our society should be prepared I don't think it's going to come to that he's trying to reduce the fears and concerns will have more on that in that are more than on the health front alone Casey Ayers Peter say Moore joins us now with more from the president's press conference today live news center well Becky Lynn the corona virus has killed hundreds of people in China sickening eighty one thousand total it spread to other countries but president trump says don't worry here in the U. S. we're very very ready for this for anything whether it's going to be a breakout of larger proportions in that White House news conference Mr trump said the feds could designate quarantine cities but he doesn't think they'll be needed president trump says he took strong measures to limit the corona virus spread in the U. S. even though sixty Americans have caught it we've stopped non U. S. citizens from coming into America from China that was done very early on with screening people we have been at a very high level screening people coming into the country from infected areas of president says most of the victims are recovering health and Human Services secretary Alex ETS are outlines how to half billion dollars could be spent to fight coronavirus first expanding our surveillance network second support for state and local governments work third and fourth development of therapeutics and vaccines and fifth manufacturing and purchase of personal protective equipment like gallons and that's and the Dow Jones industrial average has dropped more than two thousand points since Monday to get a mixed global coronavirus fears again president trump says don't worry the stock market will recover the economy is very strong with the consumers the strongest it's ever been our consumers are incredible that's why we're doing well in other countries have not even before the virus president trump again once two and a half billion dollars to stop corona virus in the U. S. and he managed to get political during his news conference Brian Jeff Sherman figures out he says the president only asked for two and a half billion dollars he should have made that happen this is the first time I've ever been told that we should take more usually if we have to take less we should be working together he should be making statements like that and the CDC says a vaccine for covert nineteen this coronavirus strain could be eighteen months away live in the news center Peter Seymour

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