Fat Tuesday Favorite: Chicago's Paczki reigns supreme in the Region


All right local pastries will be kicking off at Tuesday with amazing friends he's a Polish tradition they're also breaking other sugary sweet Chicago Chicago police police police officers officers officers and and and their their their families families families bakeries bakeries bakeries located located located at at at fifty fifty fifty nine nine nine twenty twenty twenty seven seven seven west west Lawrence Lawrence Avenue Avenue they're they're selling selling area area shaped shaped like like hearts hearts and and Chicago Chicago flag flag all all falling falling off off in in blue blue line team at the proceeds from all the cookie sales will go to Chicago police memorial foundation which aids families of officers who were killed or wounded in the line of duty the owner of the billions ski is the owner and the chef of delightful pastries in Chicago and she joins us tonight welcome in Dover good evening how are you I am great I am great first let's talk about the bakery generators separate celebrating twenty years which is very cool thank you and what I love about what you are committed to you is you are putting V. best ingredients into everything that you do you know what that that's a real commitment on my end because I really believe I should have quality ingredients in my products I don't think you should have a PhD in chemistry to read my labels I believe in butter flour sugar eggs yeah I think if we have good ingredients that go into the product we have a great product and then we feel good afterwards I think a lot of the times of people take short cuts because they want to have a fast monetary gain but people don't support those kind of places so I think it's very important that people that come to delightful pastries say we have Nielsen Massey vanilla which is the best vanilla in all of United States made right here in Waukegan by this wonderful family for three generations now so it's and you know we use all butter from Wisconsin thank you Wisconsin you know my flowers from Ohio and from Minnesota you know just a lot of local ingredients a lot of great ingredients I just think you know butter should be the foundation of an fresh eggs should be the foundation for a honey cakes we use real honey you know so it's just it's just you wanted to have deliciousness you know people's people said your did your punch you made me we put you know thank you thank you you know it's funny you say that is there was a bakery that was around I won't say what it is for fifty sixty years and I got taken over by for the first time by another family they changed all the recipes they kind of cheap in the the goodness of what they were doing and they were gone in six months so knowing that you know this is gonna create nice legacy for for you and your family you know what I th I am I'm hoping one of my daughters will take up the mantle after after I'm you know after I'm ready to retire I don't know when that will be you know my mom my mom started this business so it was we started that in naming in nineteen ninety eight and my mom just retired last year and finally she gave me the recipe for punch you so as to get issues given that herself he was getting into like once I retire you'll have it but not nothing until then and you know what's what people are like what makes punch you punch you wait what what's what's so different about it so a real punch I could that's one pump check many punch keys so I'm teaching you guys Polish has been like that and so you know you will you put rom in the dough we put orange oil and that that would put lemon oil in the W's milk we use barter and you know when you eat upon check in with you know like a Krispy Kreme donut it flattens into pancake yeah well up upon check the dough springs back and holds itself yet yeah and you really did it for the dough mostly you don't really you did for the filling like American donuts have this much filling in and it's just like you can really taste the dough and that's kind of sad because the the the beauty of it is the doe how delicious how delicate you know it's fluffy it's crunch on the outside deliciously moist and goodness on the inside and I love coming up with wonderful tart fillings like Weezer long potter we use nice I make passion fruit jam is a thing that's a Polish thing hello Mister he's thing I grew up with yeah Tom is a Polish thing we love our heart to heart fillings pulls people do not like sweet pastries we you know when we post people come and I'm there like I wanna see desert that's not sweet enough that's the first thing that comes out of the mouth and yet we believe in having something rich pottery full of group Belgian chocolate and walnuts and nuts and lots of beers in a post poll should point towards you know like there's one walnut poppy toward that I make that I literally one liter of vodka goes into the entire thing while because it's that busy but then it has to sit for four days before you can eat it so all that lot of that stuff veterans but the flavor is still there so lot of Polish pastries like our have tons and tons of alcohol and actually European pastries have tons and tons sure think of tiramisu think about fruit fruit cake think of a Kinshasa toward a black forest torte absolutely all have you know somebody said oh you're just you're just you know to contributing to the delinquency of minors I first of all if you don't want rid of them in one day that's pretty when you're cooking the stuff it yeah the potency is is gone by that time now there's you've got the traditional but you've also got some really cool gourmet flavors as well let's talk about some of the traditional ones that you have so the traditional ones are plum butter which we've mentioned before Polish people are crazy about plan which I'm not a guy that brings food and booze into the studio because listeners can't see they can't taste what what I'm doing in here but I will describe this the best they can and you were so kind to bring daughters your big highlight that's that's that's my favorite then rose petal jelly that's very very traditional very Polish and we use real raspberry preserves a local company here that makes the boss raspberry preserves there's just sugar packed in lemon juice and raspberries and if nothing else that plan has a beautiful flavor you know it's a great little tart but I'm I'm chasing sweet because of what you put into the dough surrounding it so I'm getting a little bit of both it is coming in and out that's really cool thank you thank we we try really hard and then some of the other it's nice and tight is good yeah yeah it's it's you know it's it's that's the whole point about plans you kind of want to make the jam kind of to reflect the fruit when you eat fresh plums they're not sugary sweet they have that little bit of sweet and tartness and that's exactly how the jam as the crazy flavors as I call them we have German chocolate we have Jameson whiskey chocolate okay yes you got these drunken get a which I love so Jamison's here Davis is in chocolate custard I'd add that can't wait to taste that when I'm a busy guy but given the low beam yeah but you got this moonshine and lemon and that's what we've got here tell me about the moonshine so the story is I have a my packaging guy bought a house in Kentucky and I said listen Simon when you go over there can you just bring me some moonshine and he when he was getting his house built he asked everybody for moonshine and and everybody would get so upset him there's no moon shining in talking the plumbers electricians that window guys the dark eyes everybody yeah and finally he built his house is sitting on his porch and some guy pulls up right to his to his front stop and he's it's are you the guy looking for moonshiners like yeah he brings out this carton of more of these Mason jars full of money it is like a hundred Bucks the drop that often like drives right off like it was it was like a transaction and have a little remote brings it back you say's Dover I found your moon shine so I said what flavor it would be really good for punchy with moonshine enacted lemon card will make this delicious lemon curd from scratch yeah with lemon juice and butter and eggs and sugar together then we think I spy to it like a little sharpness even yes yeah

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