Truth to Power: Ep. 217



Hey J. crew. I want to let you know about some food products that you need in your life. You don't want them. You need them. Soom foods sell some of the most delicious peanut products that ever been tasted by anyone. They sell their Tahini or someone say Tina and other incredible products like chocolates sweets Aquinas spread and Salon Syrup too many of the country's best restaurants. There Michael Solomon offs restaurants have in Philadelphia and good news for us. They sell directly to home. 'cause delicious products are dairy free gluten free and they are certified kosher so listen if you plan on making. Home adoptions for Parham consider using soums chocolate sweet Tahini as a filler chocolate rich and sweet. But not too sweet. I can say I love the chocolate Tahini spread. It's delicious and I don't like new. Tell us so for me. This is like the spread that I want. It's a treat. You won't feel bad serving two kids because it's full of healthy fats. Protein Iron Calcium. Finally if you're someone schlock modest miss lock my notes. Consider adding GIARDINA chocolate sweet subpoena or salon into the basket to make the gift basket even more worthwhile. So good. Assume FOODS DOT COM. That'S S. O. M. Foods Dot com and use Unorthodox Code Unorthodox received fifteen. Percents off your order great gift. And you're definitely want to have some for yourself as well. That's SOOM FOODS DOT COM. Soom by you. Ruth Weiss is a scholar of Jewish literature and Jewish history. She was Harvard's first. Tenured professor of Yiddish Studies. She wrote the book Jews in power which has just been released but in my own heart. She will always be best loved for her first book with the amazing title of the Schlemiel as a modern hero. Ruth Weiss is a legend and she sat down with our only L. Liebowitz to talk do's and power and other stuff recently have a.

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