Players to vote on NFL owners' proposed labor deal


The other news around the NFL today he is the new CBS so right now leadership in the NFL has said you know what this looks good to us let's put this in front of our membership for approval so a step closer to this thing getting ratified the NFL Players Association just needs a majority of the approximately two thousand players to accept the agreement and it would be a goal for this year there's a couple of things that are notable number one the seventeen game schedule Spain sixteen games since nineteen seventy eight so this will be adding a game for the first time in more than forty years an expansion of the regular season also two new playoff teams won the AFC won in the NFC meaning that the number one seed would be the only seed with a bite no more would there be a bye for the two CD you get a bye for the one see that everybody else would play wild card weekend it would mean also expanded roster so more jobs for players they have a higher percentage of the revenue up to forty eight percent of the revenue there would also be a shortened pre season eliminating the fourth preseason

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