The Steph Curry comparisons are unfair to Trae Young, but they won't go away


We now safely say the trae young is the next steph curry. I if you want to. I don't know there's so many other things that I have to worry about. I don't if you WANNA do that. Go ahead you'RE NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa Yell at you and go. He's not the next steph curry. I do like this though the approaches. Yeah but does he play defense? Can we stop with this? How many how many guys play defense in the NBA? But let me stop somebody in crunch time. Can anybody stop him by being declared the next anybody? You're already less than them. Because that's your title like Steph. Curry was the first do it that way and so the next curry means you're automatically below them. You're an imitator. I mean it's great. He's fantastic player but he's basically modeling his craft. Well that's why you don't want people were there. Everybody's looking for the next Larry Bird. Mike member Keith. Van Horn as the next Larry Bird now. Luca Danni checks next Larry Bird. No LUCA IS DIFFERENT THAN LARRY. Bird he might be better than Larry. Bird a when it's all said and done on out there we keep waiting for the next Michael Jordan. Kobe became the original. The first Koby we keep going. Oh He's the next and and you're not who is ever the next. We love comparisons. We love cops but it doesn't always work that way and usually if it's a white guy who's good then you find another white guy who is you know got similar skillset. Glad Yeah. Googles is the next Larry Bird UNC. But until that person becomes the first they're always going to be on next you know because you haven't seen it yet so it hasn't even been identified. When do you graduate to? I'm no like when did Kobe. He's not the next Jordan. He's Kobe did he. Oh I think he did well. No he wasn't the next. Nobody's the next Jordan. You can't be now possible now if you want to say. He plays like him great when Kobe went black. Mamba then he became the original Kobe. And he wasn't the next Michael Jordan. Because we realize there's not going to be another Larry Bird just not. There'll be players who might be similar. Might be better. But there's that's the original Muhammed Ali. This not the original. Might be guys who turn out to be better. But they're the originators. Yeah pulling yeah like Koby Bryant. He he appeared to watch documentaries he admittedly modeled everything after Michael Jordan and he came up about this short of having an equal career to Michael Jordan. If you look I mean considering how close he was to the time of Michael Jordan. He over and he was really close to having an equal career.

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