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My Thoughts On The Coming Weeks


Well what are we can't? I've never seen so much fear out there in my life and it just seems to be. That's the way the world is for the time being guess. Who's willing from high today? That is right. I am and I will be walking into my office. Is The beauty of having an office fairly coy? Probably take me about an hour. You know the foot falcons a good thing for those of you. Don't know what the Falcons that are outside of strikes. A Ford Falcon into Foot Falcon walking. Because that's what Australians we make we'd names of we'd things we'd signings. That's just how we live so speaking of weird what can as I sigh. Very strange out. They in the land of Crypto. We've saying the market this morning as I come on a speak to you right now. We were we did tap on six thousand one dollars will now at five thousand. Three hundred fifty. It's a walled world and decided to move the stock shares equities the managing. My parents self-managed superfund. Then I do for crypto rotten and let me take you through a couple of examples of what I mean by that. Well right now they. I've got sixty percent of their portfolio in. Us and a strain equities rotten talking about my parents now that to me is excessive risk for a couple of has a few. They've done quite well and they don't need any more money. They just need to get a yield of for that money and they needed a one thing and one thing only and that's Cape that money in a that is so uncertain as now with saying major falls across the board biased on this This pandemic that was saying and what that has done is put a lot of question marks around business will continue to operate will supply chain supply. Lines be interrupt interrupted. Who'S GONNA go under? Who's GONNA survive this others? Decide much out that I think it is probably not really Skim the surface of some of the Niger underlying issues and of course they will come to a but I think with what's going on at the moment I think the world is connor just sort of focusing on health which it should really should do. Health Survival Doing the right thing by the elderly doing the right thing by the hospitals. The doctors the nurses anybody in that space is going to be quite hard And it's going to be quite a A trying period of time already and it's going to be by the look of it in different parts of the world a very trying time on my my love goes out to all of you those of you in America on another big listenership out there I really hope that you guys are on. It doesn't look very good from what I'm rating Italy of caused the Italian audience that we have you out will hunkered down. Saif wom- and Uncomfortable I will help anybody that you're able to help because Yeah it certainly is a very distinct Tom. To tell you what let's try and look at some of the positives Many of you will be working from many of. You will be in lockdown many of you. If you're not in lockdown now you we'll be by the end of the week myself included and that means that you know we've got time now to to start to look at some things differently to start the question what we consider to be the KNOLL. What is the norm? All the normal and non five joe the GNOME is having your you know getting up each time following that routine and and and whatnot for many people that is the norm and You know it's not really been mine owned but does because chosen a different path. It's it's very interesting for me from a business point of view as well because our business. Yes I'M GONNA TRY TO US One business but I also have tried to call dot com. I ran that business will dominate just to see how the world looks at a business in and and look so what we what education to help people to make money for themselves. Is this going to be a period of time or people actually shift and they go on any more responsible for you know? Gamal fiscal responsibility to myself. My family than than just giving it to an employer hoping that everything works out and and for me. There's so many going on right now and so many things that I do on a big interest in because I get to see it from a different angle. Tom The GMC in two thousand seventeen thousand light was something from me. That really changed awhile. Seoul the world did well out of that I saw unfortunately a lot of people get very hurt by that. Which which you know. There's no there's there's never very good Thomas people suffer now audio well. Because that's the only reason I was twenty. Thraw five out of time and As far as what prospects going outside of that they probably would have been what slim because the wolves heard we saw an employment. Did increase quite significantly so for me looking at this time around. Lost Them All side. Because I was trying to this time. I'm saved because we're GONNA try to as well but I'm just going to different view on it. When I speak to my parents about the superannuation their investments. I do it with a with a still cut booting the ribs because they can no longer not listen to me. You know I was right. Lost his raw this time of telling him for twelve months to To defensive it looks like now. The officer decimated a few hundred thousand. Whatever it might be the probably in that position where the. Guy No shit. Mike should listen to that song. I'm really open to helping others. I'm really open to hearing discussions on facebook. If you need anything if you struggling. If you're having a hard time a place to reach out you know we are. We are humans. Here's my objective. Try to cope each to impalpable to be the best Cambay and this could be a wonderful time for us all to learn to be more self away and look after ourselves fiscally As well as health laws which is a major concern. Right now More than what we have done in the past so if I can help in any way please do please do let me couple. Things perspective is that. I want to bring to you because I think perspective is very very important during times of uncertainty facing right now. I wanted to talk to you about bitcoin quickly and I want to tell you from the lows that we were at the price that we are right now. Up Forty two point nine four percent and that was three foot is a guy that was actually three dollars. So Kennedy's market rebound hard and fast absolutely as it can can is market full. Houghton cost absolutely. Yes it can. We witnessed that lost. Thursday fraud right. We we definitely sold it. This puppy has got some legs now for the trader this can request to just phenomenal life changing money. You know you see. Bitcoin full forty percent on on Thursday Hundred stop that. He's lost changing. You are welcome to the arena. You've just walked in gladiator. So there's a lot of opportunity that he's out there businessman respect. I know not all of you are tribes his respect that as well so for those of you know not try it is and have no desire to try. Dr Forget from the lowest where we are now. We bounced back forty two percent in the space of a couple of days. We fell forty percent in a single day in a single die so yes. This market is volatile. It can go down extraordinarily hard and fast but I forget it can go up the same way the fact that it is so loans market capitalization means that if the world decided to wanted. Bitcoin released a little bit of bitcoin. Puppies going scholar joy refocus on the flip saw because we go to foot the quantum buzzsaw ahead in the tile. The other side of that coin is a paper decided. Well I want more money cash money. That cash. Money wants to be in their hands if they're allowed to do that. The banks don't put a enforcement of how much cash paypal around withdraw from their accounts or say College Dole. Because you're in lockdown. Then you know we might see people sell the bitcoin go to cash. Now if they do say you cut withdraw certain amount or you are in Lockton and you do wish to still do try and perhaps we will see a secondary market. Come about With with dieted I automatically think about bitcoin. I saw a use case in introduction to the world it was through the so growing more or less and that was realistic goods using drugs. And that sort of thing my well. Who's to say that become not these Solo Baiba and panel in the secondary market if this continues to go on an US. Probably bitcoin on Minero something like that. Because the banks won't let you take the cash out so in that case a guy that made that there's so many variables to consider here and I've got to tell you the truth right. Now the truth of the matter is audit. What's going to happen. Okay does anybody. And that's the that's the reason. The markets The why they are at the moment. We just don't know and because we know there is uncertainty when there is uncertainty. Will that tends to be the times for which we see. Market's doing okay. We've got the SNP down right now. And it's futures of full points is down to five five five at closer to seven one. That's a decline of just on the five percent A lot more stress all these markets coming. I can definitely say a lot. More stress of these markets coming goes sabet away bay. Careful understand this market that we are in. Bitcoin CRYPTO is highly volatile. You can't deny that it just is. It's just a why these puppy works and it's the reason I love it. You have to stop and consider your options. Can you got to start to think about? What can you do what happens if you don't have joe? How're you GONNA make income? Well the market still there. Whether it's stocks bonds shares commodities will crypto. You can still try. You can still be involved but you gotTa have that understanding of what it is that you're doing if we can help in any way like I said before place let us know more than happy to To be involved in serving you guys because you said Mesa well if you want to share this with your friends and family Do you know this is a free service? It doesn't cost anything to listen to this and I'll be giving my sites Fog is awake luck. Only Duke I'll join me on. Facebook cried Kabul. Tried to call join me on twitter at tried to call That's Wurley fading information. Get on get on the BI weekly newsletter for those of you who are not on their get on there because you guys will be the very first people to get access to this brand your costs which mushed of. It's free unless brand new. It's a new recording of the of the same courses so I signed strategies that you'll be the ones that will get the first as a test the guys get involved and let's hit the top ten quickly right.

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