Radio Free Quarantine #3: Doctors' Draft

A World Where


At war. Okay that's alive. We are at war. We're at like a thousand wars. All of which are the same war and none of which are winnable or N. Double or in any way defensible. But this isn't one of them and you know what I mean by this. We don't say it anymore. Corona Virus Bet you flinched cove in nineteen. What a perfectly alien sounding villa name for a science fiction dystopia. Anyway this not a war there are no frontlines or backlines or any lines. There are no casualties. No civilians no enemy soldiers. Doctors are not marines and healthcare workers are not heroes. Okay that's a lie to healthcare. Workers are heroes literally from the cleaners on up braving the kind of unspeakable hell we've seen in our nation's hospitals in the pursuit of preserving human life is maybe the most noble calling imaginable particularly when that pursuit continues unabated and relentless despite catastrophic systemic failure. But when you say hero in this context you don't actually mean hero. What you mean is killer. You have an idea in your head of what it means to be an American hero and that idea like the country itself is inherently tied to violence and health. Care work is the opposite of violent. So how dare you impose upon them? The Language of my point is we're not at war and so it is absolutely unconscionable that there has to be draft not that the draft and draft was ever really conscionable nonconsensual conscription into the military industrial complex is literally a form of bodily assault of violent violation of human beings physical autonomy at the hands of the state. But what you're drafting. Healthcare workers into is not the military for one thing. The military has funding protection at least semi adequate weaponry to arm against the quote Unquote Capital E. ENEMY. We care about the military in this country. If not those who serve in it. But we don't even pretend to care about healthcare work that's why we started talking about workers as though they were soldiers in the first place so we could send them into. Our nation's emergency rooms turned no man's lands without really in the truest sense of the word caring if the existence of doctors draft is news to you. It shouldn't be the idea. Two conscripts healthcare personnel in the event of a pandemic was proposed with massive and immediate support. Way Back in nineteen eighty nine at the behest of Congress the selective service system or S S s published plans for what they called a healthcare personnel delivery system and has had those plans at the ready for the past three decades. You can look them up in. May Two thousand and three. The Defense Department said that the draft of healthcare workers was the most likely form a new draft would take and in March twenty twenty soon after the first wave hit. Bill de Blasio himself proposed nationwide draft of doctors. They knew this was coming. And you know who I mean by a Donald trump bet you flinched just like the first wave in March the second wave in and the third wave in March again. The people in power in this country saw the doctors draft coming miles away from atop their ivory towers and although they waited final days and weeks to take actions that could have saved hundreds of thousands of now needlessly lost. American lives over and over and over again they wasted no time way back in early. Twenty twenty in changing our language from that of a public health crisis to that used by the shockingly inhumane system of government perpetrated global violence we pour billions of dollars into every year so that the oil companies and the private defense can reap the benefits. We think in words as Carlin said and powerful people want to control your words because that is the way you control thought that is how horrific ideas like the doctors draft gain. Traction they take root. I in language.

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