Being a International Student During the Virus with Zeyi Yang

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So did we miss anything? Is there anything else? The listeners should know blow introduction took. It's your fault because you made it long because you're involved in so many things So that's I mean it's so crazy. It's like a full circle because I think when we were researching on on what questions. We should ask her and everything when we first started the project by the way listeners. If you guys have been caught up check that episode out. You wrote that article and you know you interview these people who are from John who are getting ahead and thinking about. How do we rebuild this place? Could you tell us like the story behind that article how you pitched it Your involvement Sure I'll so I pitched it because of course I am. One always have a lot of connections. They're always looking at wore. My people are doing this and I know there are non loud but some will have people here in United States or vary warrior. Just like me and I try to do something for home. Even if we're just we're like miles away from so I connected to I v because I talk to a New York based organization. They're like comprised fully off Wuhan People Or It's a name. It's called Yellow Crank Club. I believe so. They were all like people from John or have connections to Wuhan der here. They're professionals and they tell me. Oh I these organizing this report project. It he she'll be the best person that you can talk to mark to know her. Howard to know her and also besides hurt because I went to school in John onto onto college so I have a lot of friends or like like school. Connections also here. I also talked to them of a hot. What they have done for the city and those are pretty much one made up Was in the article for self strain of morning. Post. That's crazy. So how long did it take for you to Pitch Shit and then for you to write the whole thing up where people really enthusiastic about helping you out? Yeah I think so. I pitched to the editor actually is through Nodar Hon. Journalists also here in New York also So that probably approved that a very soon like after one or two days because He saw veteran. And then I did an interview in like one week I think I can I can. I said I have a lot of school school friends from Wuhan. So it's really easy to connect to people from and there were I think was actually the last person I talked to. The article Easier to got to off today. I feel like okay. I got everything I use. Probably not a week to ride article and then shaky S. journalists to journalists. You know you have any questions for Zee on I mean I yeah so I think a quick question that I wanted to ask you know A little bit about South China Morning Post If you'RE A ASIAN-AMERICAN I'm not saying all Asian Americans speak Chinese but I mean especially if you are of Chinese American background south China morning poses kind of like the most relevant newspaper that covers Chinese American Chinese issues around the world can dumb. Can you kind of explain to the listeners? Like what is like a like. What is the American counterpart for like the South China Morning Post in like how relevant it is India and the Chinese community right? Well that's a big question I will say it is probably one of my most trusted publication that reports a lot about China though is English newspaper based in Hong Kong. So Iri but he really looks a lot of different regions like not just Hong Kong Bar. They have a lot of stuff in mainland China. They have a loan stuff in other Asian countries. They're looking at like the whole that. I guess Asian Pacific region so and also I feel like I do like to resuscitate him more money because they usually presented a very balanced views. A NAS saying they don't have like a Pro China China views. They do but then you kind of see a balance of all different. They're all diverse views injured. So that's why I usually have a US my go-to new sources for like English articles about China. I see I see so like I mean I think I think when when when lot of Americans when they think of Chinese media they have a sense of a skewed perception or I wouldn't set. Well maybe skewed isn't the right word but they have a preconceived notion that you know a mainstream media in China to be Control you know what I'm saying by the government to to to a massive degree I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with that point but Would you say like you know I just go off on what you just said earlier? Like you know if you are like a American of somebody who was not Chinese were living in China. Would you recommend like with south China morning? Post like the go-to newspaper that you would recommend for a Americans to Kinda get informed about Chinese issues. I think it's is a pretty hard question to answer. A first of all to is true. That most of the media based in China are heavily censored is that I didn't say a man I asked him to go back your hand. James Right yeah. Because it's true that Because Autumn Media Inge based in China are subject to kind of like the administration regulations about it slow either administering Goto Demonstrate Unique article. They have to comply with that sadly the truth but endure a lot of nuances in there is like it's not every single be censored in China

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