Stimulus program for small business nearly depleted as Congress still negotiating a deal


With the key coronavirus rescue fund nearly exhausted negotiations are accelerating in Washington over president Donald trump's two hundred fifty billion dollar emergency request to help smaller employers across the country keep workers on their payroll Sam Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke this morning about legislation to shore up a paycheck subsidy program it's nearly reached is three hundred forty nine billion dollar lending limit house and Senate aides were set to meet with treasury officials later in the day reaching a deal won't be easy the capital's largely shattered requiring consensus from all sides for any legislation to pass the I just laid of environment however gives Democrats considerable info influence even if their funding requests from hospitals and state and local governments may have to be scaled back significantly or dropped at least for now Democrats blocked the fast track bid to pass the funding last week Republicans in turn stymied their efforts for additional funding for other priorities at issue is that three hundred fifty billion dollar paycheck protection program that's the centerpiece of last month's two point trillion two point two trillion dollars rescue still the programs quickly running dry after being open for only a matter of

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