Sebastian Durrand - Advice for Players to stay fit during the lockdown with world renowned strength and conditioning coach Seb Durrand


Hello Sebastian. Welcome to the functional tennis podcast. Thank you happy to share Great Avalon and Journeys Tough Times. Where tennis players tennis trainers tennis coaches and a lot of other people are still at home and can't get out and can't train so looking forward to hearing some advice from you so first of all. How are you getting on? What Day is this for you? It's actually the day number and for us fan home and We try we're GONNA talk. I think it'd be layer but we try to manage between the between our work our job and the the kids in the sport of the kids and they're all more of the kids and so it's kind of a different organization in different schedule every day but we always need to find a solution. Find a way to do it. So yeah if a bit of a routine at the moment so the first thing. I wanted to do and you wanted to do with. My wife was assured to create structure and routine because Fischetti for the kids when they don at school begins leave. They can wake up and do the Descru- anytime so we keep on putting the clock for sure. Every morning we wake up and then we all know more like at nine. We started more thirty nine. We stopped homework. You know so we. We keep routines this even. If it's a bit more we are just a little bit more for sure that we put routine every day. The do some some spoilt. We tried to go outside a little bit to move. Yeah we try to really create Routines like this. We share more time with them if if we can for sure but definitively the fact two creeks tributaries There's no rolling become a bit of a mess inside the house. I think it's important especially if if it's one week it's okay like only days or two weeks but for the moment now we are ten day was gonna be full five six weeks so and we don't know so. How many days does it take you to discover you needed to retain yes? She's they want. We said we need to keep the structure that that's growing born on. We not to to strike structure would say but it's not because you are not me new late at the. It's not like when you go to school for sure but still too great routine. It's super important. Yeah for sure. And we take the sun when the sun is out we tried to descend for sure. So yeah it's kind of different kind of ribbon but we still receive tried to put structure every day. That's important yeah. That's really interesting. Only yesterday. They there were a few days behind you a good few days but only yesterday discovered myself that I sort of found my routine. I just I didn't want to write down and say this would have to do. I just have to find it. A bit. Natural. On yesterday was yeah. I stay where I felt a bit more. Okay well like it open to more than I do a bit. A worked and our baby gets up. We all get breakfast together. Then I do some exercise and then do bit more work than we go for. Walks does a bit. It took a few days for me to find a national retain which I think I have. Now which is great but yeah so some people are different crates that you knew straight away. Look we need routine here especially the kids are a bit older full of energy and e and this and and even in the week we tried to keep the we try to keep the weeks as they normally have for example. The weekend we try to get their homework because the weekend they don't work so said we tried even in the week two because if not you don't noise it's Monday or Tuesday or Sunday or your little bit. Less old days are the same so we tried to the same like today's like school We keep on working and then when he's the weekend it's bit more fund. I mean we try to make it a bit more fun. Actually for the moment we had to leave only one weekend. So is this the beginning? But because I think it's important to create the structure to because we really have to think on term process and it's good the first week you know it's nice. We'll do this with that then. Let's see in four five weeks. That's a different storm and I think it's important not to create boring routines. But in the same times to create structure I would say Craig's born really good electing a bit of exercise yourself like some Ronin. How I know it's Day ten. How have you done any exercise? Have you dealt with it? Yeah Yeah I have the chance to have a trainer at home so I can bike. That's good end in the sometimes. We allowed to go outside no more than one hour but I can still go and little bit but my main goal at the moment is not really trying to improve on anything is just to keep heads and keeping shape. I would say but I know I'm not gonNA try to be like overtrained during those moment is. Just keep the shake. That's my it for me. That's nine Mongolia. Yeah I think that's a mango for a lot of people just trying to maintain where they're not to gain weight not to gain like what about. We did have some food tips on functional tennis during the week for me. The tree food tips were worn. Was you're using less energy? So eat less. Make your mail. Smaller have one less mail to was a high junk food. Buy less junk food so just put them in places where you don't normally look on tree was have a could off time at nighttime we stop beating because a lot of people eat junk food late at night on if you say okay after seven thirty. We don't eat so do you have any tips. Who What would be your one main. Eaten tip that you could tell us the ad because I mean I for sure I still Tommy steps. I do a day and the day that I don't do too much around five thousand steps a day and when I do I go to ten twelve thirteen thousand steps which is not a lot more like fifteen to twenty thousand steps. When a big. When I moving my day you know normal day so for sure. Our consumption analogy is is divided nearly by to every day. So it's kind of meeks for me. The nutrition of finding a balance between for sure not gaining weight and nuts. Having the junk food for sure but in a send times. Winnie the human sustained to be strong too so five to go on. Diet for me would be a mistake because we need to have the human system at the top so for sure to keep the freight veges fruits. It's really something important. Keep a little bit the carbs. I mean again. The structuring the Lille having like a breakfast person abby like breakfast lunch snack dinner for sure to make everything a little bit lighter than no more. Bettina sometimes to have like a certain amount of food and energy because we need to knock to store but we need to have the human system important that the bottle I think. The fruits and vegetables are important. Keep the immune system and the three important. Maybe we just need to buy smaller plates. Yeah for sure this this The food is really like nuts because we all need to disclose to all the time so it's really not to have that kind of reflects or go at grab it. Is things things. So that's important just to keep the structure again. That's super important for me to structure structure structure. Okay well enough about Kobe. Nineteen at the moment. Tell me your physical trainer to some great tennis players. Dmitrov worked with other players which I find out about. How did you get into personal training before that? Did you play tennis as a kid? Yeah Oh yeah. I stopped playing tennis in four years old. My parents. I think I felt a little bit like everybody. Mike Burns Blake any similar date and while they were playing a good board. They'll beat on side so they give me one record just this racket here is a woolen. Do whatever you want for one up. And then I found the world and my world became my best friend so I start hitting balls. I was four or five. And then you know after the classics things than you stop laying and in their new up some of the coaches and then after you stop putting some notchers when you're sending eight nine years old and you're into it you love the competition and the Barents Heads to bring you to tournaments to practice. Oh yea definitely. I wanted like all the kid had the teachers. In my bedroom I went to run on Garros and you know I I live in one. That was completely passionate by any wanted to to be pro for sure that this is what he's signing your

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