A new beat for police across Washington D.C. - Enforcing social distance


Morning morning it's it's twelve twelve forty forty one one among among the the increasing increasing cases cases of corona virus in the region are more and more first responders we here and now local police departments to that in our expanding what it means for them to socially distant at this point if the crime you're reporting isn't putting you or someone else in imminent danger police all across the area are more likely to take your report over the phone or by email and even if police do show up to your dorm in DC officers are being told to speak with residents outside if at all possible but for things like vandalism identity theft or say you woke up and found somebody broke into your car that's going to be handled over the phone or online now in places like in Arendal prince George's Montgomery and Fairfax counties just note that filing a report that way does it tend to get an immediate response John Doberman WTOP news

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