White Nationalism in the White House: Katie McHugh Kept Receipts


It's no secret that members of the trump administration up to and including trump himself are parroting the views of white nationalist and white extremist groups. These organizations are tied into outright media outlets like Breitbart and others where they spread this propaganda to the masses. We're going to try something a little different today. I'll be joined by a guest. Co Host. Hossan Ahmad is an immigration attorney and anti white nationalist activist from Virginia. Hossan has been deeply involved in obtaining the archived writings of John. Panton one of the men. Behind the current white nationalist movement in America Hossan connected me to Katie McHugh. Katie is a former white nationalist. Who has renounced her views in his working. Hard to undo the damage. She did when she held them. She's a former staffer for Breitbart and other alt-right media where she was in constant correspondence with Stephen Miller at the trump white house. She's exposed those emails and the deep ties of Miller into the white nationalist movement in America voice box he's overlap between trump's message white nationalist ideology he has shown us that the majority of Americans support are sort of message. You know what yeah make. America great again fell the wall. Pick these people out. This is my country. This this all belongs to me. Trump demurred when asked whether he'd condemned supportive comments from former Ku Klux Klan. Leader David Duke. I have to look at the group I mean. I don't know what group you're talking about. You wouldn't want me to condemn a group that I know. The person is dead and nineteen injured after a speeding vehicle drove into a group of protesters. Your leader downtown Charlottesville very fine people on both sides so we just got a new batch of emails from Breitbart reporter Katya Q. The Southern Poverty Law Center has made public excerpts of emails sent by White House. Senior adviser. Stephen Miller was a key figure shaping immigration policy or president trump the email messages for fifty thousand sixteen. Show Miller support white nationalist website and ideologies. My name is Katie mccue. I've exposed eight far-right extremists in the past fifteen months by working with civil rights groups and legendary nonprofits. I'm very excited now. In the stage of my life to help the most vulnerable in society including people of Color immigrants those who practice Islamic faith and those who this car presidential administration opposes the mouse and seeks to punish through use of authoritarian policies. Sorry Not Sorry so katy you spent a bit of time in the alright. What is the difference if you can explain to US between the alright a white supremacy and white nationalism? What are some of the core beliefs that you're aware of as part of this movement? Well I can say I think we should begin with aristotle here. I don't want to sound pretentious but everything is on a trajectory this is also just basic calculus so one of the things. Aristotle spoke about was habit and one thing you witness with the outright because the media treated them as a truly humorous force that's just online and it's backing Donald Trump and it's young people. The fact is everything that they said. Ironically I'm making air quotes eventually became ironic so whenever people thought they were quote unquote trolling about saying the nineteenth amendment should be repealed and you had white supremacist media figure. Richard Spencer eventually meeting. No I don't believe women should have the right to vote all these memes and things you see on twitter and the way that these mobs were organized so much so that they became. It was almost like blunt force trauma when it came to harassment for media figures. They were not joking. And in the case too with someone like Stephen Miller who's one of the most powerful people in the US government especially when it comes to people who are not white. So who is Stephen Miller? And why is it so important that we understand his thinking? Stephen Miller is one of the closest advisers to president trump. He is the architect of trump's immigration policy and also has the president's ear on foreign policy matters. Stephen Miller for his entire career had anti immigrant. Leanings for some people philly with the alright because it's an amorphous group and doesn't have a membership roll with you. Know I mean. They viewed on white people and people who practice the Islamic faith as not only dangerous individuals but an existential threat to the country. And this does tie into eugenics which unfortunately America has a very dark history with eugenics Ray Science and a history which John drew from and help shape the anti immigrant agenda that has sought renewed energy from the emergence of the outright and renewed energy from the trump campaign and which we now see the full force turned against the most desperate vulnerable people in the world for punish purely because of their country of origin their ethnicity in the face that they practice kitty. You seem so articulate and passionate and human and when we paint these pictures are head of the other side we sort of create these villains. I think I WANNA be respectful for your privacy and safety but I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about how you got caught up in the movement so that we can have a better understanding as to how other people get caught up in the movement. Thank you for asking that because I think that everyone's path is different but buying could help explain some of the groundwork for other young people currently trapped in this. Who Don't quite know how to get out. The outright on the far-right are very much like a gang. You know there's a no snitching policy and I think that many many young people especially let's say trump does not win reelection in twenty twenty this year. A lot of young people are going to wonder. How do I get out of this? And how do I reconnect with other people again and have a healthy loving life full of good friendships? Good connections across backgrounds. So I will just say that I'm from Pennsylvania regular conservative town and I was raised like I think the joke is. You're born a lapsed Catholic. So that was my upbringing. Regular childhood must very nerdy was constantly reading and I was politically inclined. People always talk about two thousand four election. People were very excited about George W Bush. Because it's a Red County and two thousand eight of course with the banking crisis. Things got much more serious and of course the Iraq war still going on so I was chatting with one of my best friends. Her Dad and I was regular Republican fully supporting the Iraq war in in the war in Afghanistan and he said well. Why don't you read this person named Joe So brand? Joseph O'Brien was a former senior editor for national review. He was fired by William F Buckley because he could not control his anti-semitism. I ate him alive. Almost like a neurological virus and I'm eighteen. I had never met someone of poop practice. Jewish faith Jewish background nothing. I didn't understand anti-semitism and I was reading the Essay. That was recommended to me. Call the reluctant anarchists sing. How all government is evil in the constitution has already been so violated. We just need to go back to something. Like pre articles of confederation. Okay this is very important to understand. Is that there is a serious libertarian. Too Far right pipeline very serious and the far right of course is just steeped in. Eugenics steepen utterly discredited on Justifiable Race

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