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Los Angeles: How To Watch The Kobe Bryant Memorial


Well if you're looking for a place where you can sit outside that would be an Orange County at the great park there and let's go live to our reporter on the scene right now Greg Buckner yesterday at ten o'clock this morning to begin broadcasting that staples center memorial for Kobe Bryant's in the screens here the scoreboard screens at the soccer stadium here at the Orange County great park they will be projecting that memorial from staples center so people are being encouraged to show up here you don't need a ticket it's free they're also telling people you know bring something to be comfortable it's a little chilly out this morning but you know teller about blankets of what whatever you need to be comfortable and it'll be in the soccer stadium there and just look for the giant orange balloon that's up here at this park at the Orange County great park and then right next to it is the soccer stadium and at ten o'clock this morning they will be broadcasting this memorial and it is again free to those who wish to attend here in

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