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We are back for another episode of Kotoka split-screen. I'm Maddie Meyers. And I'm joined as by Kirk Hamilton. High Kirk what's up? Hello Matty it's nice to see you what's up. It's nice to see you too. Nothing is up really. Accept that also. Jason Schreier is here. Hi Jason Low. Hello Hello Hello. What's up Jason Year friends? I hope that you are both seeing safe from the virus so far. I don't know if you've heard but there's a virus going around interesting interest of heard some things about the last week last week we were talking about this and kind of a hypothetical terms and it feels like forever has happened. It feels like years. It happened since then been cancelled and postponed a lot of video. Game things and a lot of other things in life have been. Maybe maybe it was two weeks ago. It was superseded getting into in talking about like what it could potentially do That was when Sonia just pulled out of GDP. But since then it's like it's officially on the stage of Lake. Everybody Start Getting Ready. Bracing for full-on pandemic still feels a little bit like we're in a stage but yeah agree with you. Yeah it is definitely a limited stage But it is feeling very real and it's the only like pandemic and pretty much having played so I've played pandemic legacy and I can tell you is just like their little cubes on the board. When I look at one of those maps it really does kind of reminds you of the cubes. Did you see that plague INC is currently or at least? When I saw this news a few days ago could not be played in China yes Kentucky Dot Com. That's right. I saw several places and knock. But we'll see the thing I wanted to bring up. Is that a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about like. Oh My god Sony Pauleta. Gdp what are people going to do and we were talking about how we might not go to. Gtc now just that nobody's going to GDP handled overfell not yet and it looks like all all of the conferences. The only one I seen. That's coming up in the near future. That is still happening as of now. A south by southwest Which is kind of a Weirdo conference? Anyway I'm not sure there's a lot of like the same sort of everybody packed into one. Big Convention Center spread out movies. There's a of gets pretty similar. There's a lot of people getting pulled into one place. It's definitely a big convention. Even though it's more spread out venue-wise it's still a lot of people coming from near and far. I would be shocked if it still happens. But really like cut. Conventions and conferences in every single industry are getting canceled People are like being advised to avoid travel especially to a few different countries I think like China Italy Japan and South Korea. The big ones that you're like Rosa no matter what Enron yeah And Yeah I mean things are getting real. I think at this point like I would almost be surprised if three happens Which is good news? Because if all the publishers pull out of three then I win my prediction that Vo that rule Tony Specify no reason. There is no reason necessary so if he three v three doesn't happen. That still counts as a win for me because that just means everybody. Does that? Also mean that you know. You're you're infamous for delaying games. Is that means that you will be responsible. For cancelling E. three to say. I think it's fair to blame me for for things like that. I mean it's your fault you're causing which by the way. Well I actually am patient zero. I don't know if you guys knew that but I still making the rounds on the planet just like passing that on to last month when I was on and break. I was actually at this. How now this is the conspiracy that reset era needs to threat out? There was probably already a threat somewhere. Jason started this should probably the thing. That's comforting will say is that I don't think that I think that even though the number that was bandied around two percent mortality rate. I think that's a pretty small sample size and I think as more people are affected having the mortality rate. We'll go down and Yeah I don't know who knows what's going to happen but it seems like most people know how to stay safe and be careful and travel and Washington and saw it's impossible it's impossible you can't imagine your face can't be such face right now. I might as well just have my hands over my face. It's this has made me realize that that's essentially my only activity everyday is touching your face constantly as much time because it's not like you leave the house much so like you don't know what they do one. It's up in Washington and Oregon. I don't know I have to go to the nursery so seattle. Oh yeah it's really bad. I mean that's right next door to me it's I am. I am actually concerned about it. Well you can watch something then touch your face right like thirty seconds. Which.

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