Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped


As we discussed before the break one belief that came from that House Intelligence Committee meeting is that Putin has if not actively aided the president's reelection schone preference for him today in response to the reports in that briefing. The White House told CNN that quote no one has been tougher on Russia than this administration. Joining me Gary Kasparov Former World Chess Champion. Russian for Democracy leader and Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation. He's also the author of the book. Winter is coming by Vladimir Putin in the enemies of the free world must be stopped so senior. Fbi officials saying today that Russia's goals essentially to to watch US tear ourselves apart. Do Sound absolutely accuracy. Absolutely spreading chaos. That was Putin's goal not only in America it's it's across Europe. You could seem equally supporting far far left. Making shoot center is decimated and again every country looks like a house divided. So that's what he's looking for because he's afraid that was American leadership The free world united against US aggression in in in Europe And it's especially stupid. Neither Putin trump to be reelected because putting himself standing next to trumpet Helsinki so he made no secret that he wanted to in two thousand sixteen and he made no secret that he wanted. He wanted to see once trump to be re-elected. Because it's still just for what trump does but it's probably more for what from doesn't do so he doesn't talk about rights doesn't what democracy he doesn't forced to the alliance's a Whiz with traditional America. Exactly that's makes no free will. It's interesting though the idea of the idea that you could be through disinformation or whatever it may be or election interference pushing trump but also pushing Bernie sanders. Your the idea of the center is the enemy that he's he basically trying to support the various sides of the spectrum. Coordinating the efforts. Because if you see this this what's happening now on conservative media it somewhat reflection. What's happened in two thousand six liberal media ignoring trump because many people believe that trump would be ideal opponent for Hillary bit? Now Fox just has a moratorium on summers. It's amazing it's self declared socialist and he's just not on the radar but at the same time if you followed from speeches like in Davos at welcoming four or his State of the Union while he brought wider. It's it's the President Obama's well so I so it's clearly shows that he's prepared he's competing shaping it against some there's so and of course. Putin beliefs share these beliefs trump. That sounds could be ideal candidate to go after. Don't forget some. Those made many statements supporting Soviet Union here in America. Imagine what send the sounders that time Mayor Saunders could have set in the Soviet Union bag there when he was just wanted to please his hosts and I have no doubt that if he said something incriminating Lattimore Putin hesitant files. I mean the statement that he made publicly about youth programs in the former here. But it's not the eating and drinking their union he could be more open about praising Soviet Union and I have no doubt that it's really just you know piled in the White House ready to go when or if it is remarkable that we now talk out of the White House having purges of officials who are not toeing the line again it is reminiscent of you know you think of the word purges you think. Soviet Union I hate telling you a said so many times. Now it's it's it's it's not just you know solve one problem at the time. I mean firing the head of these. These agency said legend. Let's understand at the hearings that Russia was interfering. It's not just simply no putting trump's man on top of the trump's lackey on top of organization but ascending message across the board the entire or exactly. You go gas me. That's going to happen. Same happened with Alexander Whitman. Everybody talked about him being fired. But it's more important. What trump did to his twin brother? He was removed. That's a message you if you do something. I will go off the family. That's that's that's that's from classical books you know that's reporter. Godfather dictatorships and mafia bosses do to protect their interests. They go off to the family. They're making less now reporting about today to of potentially anybody who they think is disloyal to be purged out it's weakening they would call the deep state but exactly because less people are just in powerful positions. More power is concentrated in hand in a circle and and it will be dictatorship himself. And let's imagine prompted has been doing it now in election year if he got forbid his reelected he will have no more constraints. And that's what Putin Putin is betting on its remember. Maria Vich the former American Basseterre to Ukraine. Who who was removed she talked about the State Department being hollowed out from the inside which is a terrifying idea. It's sort of you don't even notice it from the outside but inside it's been record number of positions in these in the state in in defense in many other ages intelligence agencies that are not being field because again less people are just miss positions. More Powell concentrated in the hands of children view. The Trump nominated Gary Kasparov appreciative. Thank you very much

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