Katy Perry music video reveals she's having a baby with Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry confirming to fans that she is pregnant yeah that is following her release of her new music video she shared the news that she and her fiance Orlando bloom are expecting their first child together in an Instagram live video after the premiere of the song never worn white she said there is a lot that's gonna be happening this summer not only will I be giving birth literally but also figuratively to something you guys have been waiting for and she said I'm so glad I don't have to suck it in anymore area around a big purse because that's apparently what she's been doing who let me be blunt that's going to be a really unattractive bait he actually was in another country when he got her pregnant he was on a paddle board and yeah but I have a son happens to get that okay Katy Perry and bloom have been in a relationship since twenty sixteen they got engaged in February of twenty nineteen and fans have been speculating since she released a teaser for the new music video earlier on Wednesday because she seen cradling a baby bump while wearing a long white gown so she's having a baby this summer I mean she's probably liked about twenty weeks along you know how long other I do because I I love couples that you know maybe have a little bit of strife in the and then the work it out like adults and they come back together you know they work through their crap and they come back together and I think it actually makes the bond stronger and that's what these two of don and I and I and I actually love them as a couple I know I need to this will be the second marriage for both of them you know remember she was married to Russell brand briefly and then he was married to Miranda Kerr and they have a child together she has gone on to Mary how did you see that Snapchat founder I think that too yes yes Evan Spiegel yeah yeah he is very poor right to make ends meet Hey T. C. P. seating shells and cheese

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