Am I Glowing?



Do you think my skin looks good right now. Yeah I do. Do you think looks like better than normal or the same not to put you on the spot judge my skin but do I have glow you but I think you always have a glow. I recently Tried a new product that we've mentioned listeners. Had written about and I like. Oh Yeah have to try that. I'll give it a go and then we'll try to things I did. I mask okay on Saturday night. Watching my new obsession love is blind same and that mask tightened and made me glow doesn't normally happen and I was like what was your mass. Okay hold on brought it here. It's five Yuna Divine. All seasons bio cellulose mass. Wow where did you purchase this? I didn't purchase it. My friend gave it to me so I didn't buy it okay and I was just like well. I'll give this a go. Sure why not and then it was like I looked in the mirror. It was also like nine o'clock at night and I was in pajamas watching. Tv On my phone. It seemed like a good mask like going out because my skin looked height Like just like in a good way. Yes but then Dorie I use this yesterday. This tart. Knockout tingling treat then which many listeners wrote into us about as a duke for P. Fifty. Oh yes and I was like mom it just gives us a go and then I woke up and my yesterday after I did it. My skin looked so rate and smooth that I was almost like am I. Am I playing mind games with myself and I used it again today. Which probably isn't the best idea. Because it's because it's chemical so oh whoops it's ten. It's ten percent acid complex a blend of salicylic and lactic acids. Oh Yeah and then I lathered my doctor al-Qaeda's oil on after so I'm just giving it like. I don't know when you use new skin care and you're like am I glowing or is this just my brain wanting my face to glory so wear. My Skin looks sneer. Scare does look really good of and I don't know if it's the stuff. Yeah I don't know anyway just. Fyi How often are you really supposed to use that? Well I normally only use like my Pixie Glow. Contact me as a chemical expedient once a week right right right the recommendation of Courtney Chissano yes facialists to the stars stars being us so I would imagine it's a once a week thing and I grabbed just because I was like taking around my little like been of skincare stuff. The other two products so a lot of people recommended this as a dupe for illogic. Reshare P fifteen. Which have you started using again? I have not. Are you over it. I'm not over okay. I just I feel like I've been giving my skin a little bit of a break from chemical experience. Not for any like real reason. I still occasionally use this. Totta Harper resurfacing serum But I do like that. Actually kind of reminds me of good genes. Oh interesting honest. But I haven't been using a ton of them and yeah I mean I. There was a time when I was using using the P fifty. Like almost every when we started this. Podcast you're an everyday P fifty user. Yeah and that. That quickly proved excessive. It was to exfoliating. Yes but I don't know maybe I'll go back to it I did. I did really swear by it. Yeah like you were a die. Hard advocate and. I did not find that it really did much. And then I purchase this other stuff by Yuna Which is another kind of exfoliating. It's vinegar smelling. I think actually does have vinegar in it but I didn't have. I didn't actually really see any results with that. And that's why after using this tar knockout tinkling treatment. Stuff and I said yeah after one use. It is a little sticky going on out. Doesn't have all the ingredients on this. Probably just on the box live to give it a googles. Yeah I I was Kinda like well. Hello Hello you okay. So it has a lot of ages. Yes that's why like I should probably only be using it once a week. Especially CONSIDERING AMERICA. You are slathering on sunscreen right yes. I SLAPPED HER ON CENSORING EVERY ACT. Because when you say you've got two sons anyway so that so. I didn't mean to put you on the spot of like look at my face and judge it but I was genuinely curious if I'm just imagining things if something's happening. I think you're looking

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