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The Worst Time To Make Big Decisions



One asserts. Today's episode with a story. That's going to explain exactly the importance of today's lesson back in two thousand twelve. I was running a business consulting firm. This is before the hundred dollar visit before web. An interrupt is to help people build. Their websites secrete their logo the branding even help them out with their sales copy. So I was doing client work. I was getting clients every month in charging them for my services one month I had a really slow month and I wasn't making ends meet does actually short on cash to pay my bills. This is before I had a team. I was running this whole thing by myself. An in- disparition to get a new client. I lowered my rates in fact I did it for two clients because I had to lower. It's to the point where I wasn't making the money I needed so I had to bring on another client and the only said yes because again I lord my rates. I actually lowered it by fifty percent. It was pretty ridiculous but I was like. Hey I need the cash. I'm going to go out and do it and I took on those clients and when you take on client work. Your clients have a deadline. You need to get that work. Done a certain amount of time that means your time is going to be used serving those clients. You took on two days after I took on these two cheaper clients. I got an email from one of my past clients. Some of that That I worked with before my normal rate. The offered me a project but they needed urgently and they're willing to pay double for me to get it done but I couldn't say yes because I would not be able to do it. I just didn't have the hours in the day and I knew that I would fall short and I would put that client in a bad position because I would not deliver according to their deadline so I made a bad decision. I took on to cheap clients. I lowered my rates just to make a quick buck so I can make the cash I need. Yeah totally I needed the money but two days later I had a past client that was willing to pay double meaning. That would've made twice as much with one client than having two clients now. Three months later I was in the same scenario and I. It was fresh in my mind. I remember this happened before you know a little bit short in the month. I was like okay. I need to bring in some more clients for the end of the month so I can be able to. He'll make ends meet but this time around. I said hey instead of lowering rates and taking on you know double the clients to make the same amount of money. I'm going to reach out to all my past clients that paid me might do rate and ask them. Is there something you're working on now or in the near future that I can help you with and I would list all the services that I could do for them? New website new pages landing pages funnels all that kind of stuff right and within hours. I got an email from a client that said Yep actually I was thinking about you the other day and I've been wanting to reach out to because we're working on this project that's coming up this quarter. Can we lock you in for this project? A gun on a phone call with them. I locked in that actual project. They paid me in advance. The lock me in and have a time allotted to my calendar and it was such a big project to be. Well over what I needed for that month so glad. I didn't rush that decision now. The reason why I rushed to the decision the first time and it was a bad decision is because I was in a desperate spot. I couldn't breathe right. I needed the money and rightfully so right. But you don't think clearly when you're in that situation especially when you're in a time sensitive situation like oh I need to make X. amount of dollars in X. amount of days or I'M GONNA be in trouble or my business will be in trouble won't be able to make payroll or ability to not be able to. You know reinvest in the business in marketing ads. Whenever you have to make a decision and it's going to affect your business in a major way and you feel the pressure of time you need to release the pressure of time any way possible so in this scenario instead of saying there is no way. I can solve this problem because I have no Klein's I have to reach out to other. What can I do? Who can I sell to other ways? Kind make money other than the tried and true way. How can I relieve myself of this time constraint? One of the things that causes this pressure of time is that it will take you time to get certain things done to bring in more money or solve a problem or to make a higher or whatever it is we say we need to get something solved by x amount of time and is GonNa take me X. amount of time to get there and we think one way of doing things we have to step back and say. Hey I'm under a lot of pressuring. How can I relieve the pressure? So I don't need to make this decision either now or is a decision that I can solve or it can make in a totally new way in the example I gave. You're tapping into a resource. Already have which is the customers already have tapping into them asking them if they would like to buy something new by something that you're offering by saying that you're about to launch to pre book. I remember there are times where I needed to make a higher to do a certain job and I had to make the decision to stop spending on another area my business in order to make a happen and it was a tough decision because I needed to get something done quickly and I was thinking to myself. How can I relieve myself of the pressure of time? Well let me look at my own resources. There's something that I can I do this? No I can't do this because I don't have the time for it. I can do a physically. You know I can pull off this task but it just all the time my schedule. What can I train somebody I already have to do? This and I was like Maybe I can we have an EA. Maybe I can get her to help me out. Shoot some videos. You might take me an hour to shoot those videos but you take me no three days to do the task and then I can hand it over to or EA and she can do it instead of hiring somebody. I have resources I can use and immediately the problem solved and I don't feel a pressure of time because I can hand it over in a timely fashion. When you feel the pressure of time this is when you make the worst decisions time is ticking and you get nervous and you realize oh. It's almost you know that deadline. I need to make a decision quickly and often. That's the wrong decision because we tried to solve. The problem is fastest pro rather than thinking less the best way to solve this problem so sometimes it takes a bit of investment of time to make a better decision. Let me say that again. Sometimes it takes an investment of time to make a better decision so it could be an hour. It might be a walkie. Go on where you think to yourself. Okay this is the problem I have. What do I have my disposal that can help you solve this problem? Make money what can I sell? Or what can I produce in the future? That could sell right now. Who can I sell to to have a customer list? I can email do have an email a second. Email is your partner. I can partner up with brainstorm and the best way to solve. A problem is to pretend the problem is not yours. I know that sounds strange but just for a moment. You have to pretend that this is somebody else's problem a friend's problem. We offer very good at solving other people's problems because we're emotionally unattached and what's that's what this exercise does it detaches. Us emotionally from the problem and we can come up with creative solutions. Sometimes you just need to buy some time and I'll give you another story another example release wondering as a five point. Oh back in two thousand seventeen We had to delay the launch by three months because the product still needed more time to be improved to be ready for release and even though we had a deadline and we had a launch day we had to push the launch. We email everybody who is anticipating this launch and getting ready to buy we all this momentum built up in the mall and I shot a video and it just got honest with that. Mrs. Hey guys I need more time. Get this done properly as much as it kills me to delay the launch. I have to do this to make sure that I deliver a great product for you. And that's how I bought myself time instead of making a bad decision and saying hey we got to get this out no matter what I made the right decision and bought herself some time and in fact it actually bought us a lot of goodwill and a lot more bus because that video actually Was shared and people actually like the fact that I got in front of the idea that we have to push back a little bit and I was transparent and gave reasons why so sometimes you just need to buy some time to solve the problem properly so think of was how can I buy some time. Sometimes if it's a financial obligation look at how you can buy some finances whether it's an. Aws Bill your server bill or a hosting bill or your phone bills or something like that you can offer call these services and negotiate and say. Hey I'm having a little bit of a tough month. Can we have a payment plan? Can we go from annual to monthly? Can we you know downgrade my plan a little bit to save some money often? These companies want to keep the customer. They want to keep you as a recurring customer. And it'll be happy to work with you temporarily until you make ends meet. Find ways to release the pressure so you can make a better decision

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The Worst Time To Make Big Decisions

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