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I I don't know about you guys but I'm tired. Part of that is the ceaseless Rahm of end of the World News. Of course part of. It's just work or family or the everyday things that always get to me by the end of the week and this week in particular there is another reason. I'm tired and you know it. Or at least most of you deal with the exception of most of Saskatchewan and none of it. You Lucky Jerks Canada's sprang forward this week and if this world isn't seem bleak enough now it is once again dark when I leave my house in the morning every year more and more people ask why we have daylight saving time and the calls to abolish it grow louder and now we may in some places be ready to actually do away with except there's about of course there is what happens if some places in Canada eliminate daylight saving time but their neighbors either to the south or to the side. Do not put up some places decide to stay on permanent daylight time and others decide the opposite. What if every province and territory makes their own call and we end up with a maze of time zones the plays hell with scheduling things like sporting events are flights or deliveries. The last thing any of us want is they solution. Daylight saving time ends up making us even more tired. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings. This is the Big Story. Alex mckean a reporter at the Toronto Star and their Vancouver Bureau and she's Ab. As tired. As I am I out. How are you? I'm tired like I said this time shift always throws me for a loop. Yeah me too. I mean I was actually not only experiencing the time change weekend but I also flew to Toronto and then back to Vancouver so I've got double jetlag going on so your province is perhaps maybe on the verge of getting rid of daylight saving time and we will talk about that but first because this is a really good part of the story. Can you just tell me who is Ray Saunders? Sure Ray Saunders is a gentleman who just recently turned eighty years old and not a lot of people in Vancouver may recognize his name but they certainly would recognize his most famous creation. Refunders the maker of the Gas Count Skin. Kwok which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire city of Vancouver. It's this incredible clock that is powered by steam and has whistled plays a tune every I think every fifteen minutes or so tourists come and look at it in the context of this historic part of the city gas town with. Oh it's a it's probable streets and they take pictures with it and Race unders is is the guy that built it. He built it in nineteen seventy seven and for a long time he He maintained it as well. Now it's maintained by the city of in coober but she wrote back walk and two hundred other public clocks in Vancouver Canada and all over the world to we can a year. He goes around to all of the Public Clark's in the city of Vancouver and surrounding area and he has been the guy who's responsible for manual we. Changing those public Clark's to reflect the time change at daylight savings time so He he describes me that during the this spring forward period which just happened this past weekend. Most of the public clocks they'll have kind of a speedup function and so it'll take about Six seconds he said that for the two wine forward an hour to reflect the new delay time and of course the the opposite happens during the fullback period in November. So He's been doing that for twenty years or so. It seems so quaint in a way but this might be the last weekend that he'll ever do it. Tell me about that. Yeah that's right. It might be the last weekend he ever does it And it's you know it's kind of fitting away because as described when we were talking. He's getting older. He unfortunately experienced a fall recently which which made ladder finding a lot more challenging for him. Of course you have to climb up the ladder in order to reach the public bases. So that's part of this task that he's been doing for for the last couple of decades So but personal reasons aside and personal limitations aside He also possibly last weekend that That this kind of topic will be required in the city of in coober because Bc is looking out just mixing the time changes all together And I I think you're right it it is. There is something kind of quaint about it if if I could just describe a little bit about Something that struck me talking to ray was that he has this really interesting relationship with clocks and time so I mean I'm a millennial and I will admits that most of the time that That I'm actually checking the time. I do wear wristwatches but most of the time I'm looking at my computer screen or looking at my phone that's the thing. That's like really intuitive to me. Ray has this this cool relationship with clocks. Where he says look. There's something lost when you're just looking at numbers on a screen. The clock face the circular nature of it the fact that the hands are always kind of moving around the tell us something about the time that has passed and the time that is yet to come. It's more You know accurate to the way that we actually walk through life and I thought that was such a such an interesting idea not anything that I considered at all so I think he his sense of affection for these public clocks in and the analog nature of them really came through so why is British Columbia considering getting rid of daylight saving time and how did that movement sprang up and come to be yeah. It's a great question And different people will tell you different responses as to the origin story of why British Columbia's dealing with this thing but I'm gonNA start with the practical elements of it. Which is the. This is a conversation that it's also happening South of the border in the western state so Washington Oregon California all considering changing to a permanent daylight time and that has pretty significant implications for us here British Columbia because we're coordinated with those states. There's a lot of commerce that happens between those days even things like as work scheduling. That happens along the West Coast and these are things that it makes sense to be in in the same time as them so Washington last fall passed legislation to change their approach to time to permanent. Be Lifetime. And that hasn't happened yet because they need the approval by the The Federal Congress there in order to make it happen but our premier John Horrigan Here British Columbia was in conversation with Governor of Washington State and said look. Maybe this is something. We're interested in in British Columbia is well. It's something that the the government launched a public consultation on. They sent out a survey and they received within the first month or so. They received more completed surveys than they ever have in the history of all public consultations on on this topic of changing to permanent daylight time so they received two hundred and twenty three thousand completed surveys Colombian yeah and overwhelmingly ninety. Three percent of people said get rid of it. We don't want time changes anymore. We just want a permanent time. Is that something that we see elsewhere in the world You mentioned it's happening already on the west coast of the US but also some parts of Canada. Don't have it as well. That's true and you know after I published this story on what? Bc is doing. I got quite a lot of emails from folks in Saskatchewan because the way described it in the story was that Scotch Wayne is on permanent central standard time but both insist on reminded being over over email but in fact according to the line to Scotch. When is that? It should be on mountain time zone for the same time zone as Berta so the fact that it's on permanent central standard time actually means that it's it's more on a permanent stay like time similar to what? Bc is trying to do so it all gets a little bit confusing but since nineteen sixty six scotch and has been the Canadian exception to this time. Change practice that we have been doing and the they've been on the most places in Scotland. Anyway have been on permanent central standard time. Alberta has considered it. I understand that there's also a private member's bill In Ontario on this topic. So if it's something that people are increasingly aware of but the one that I has really caught my attention in the last couple of weeks was the Yukon because of course the Yukon is also a jurisdiction along the west coast. And they've already pulled the trigger. They said okay. We went to move the clocks forward an hour this past weekend. And we're not going to change them again. It's just GonNa stay dot so Yukon. Who is the one that's most recently has actually made the changes that British Columbia is talking about? Making what is the case in this day and age for daylight saving time? Can

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