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Nebraska Teachers Are Piloting a Climate Science Curriculum Using NASA Data



An NPR survey of American teachers last year found that eighty six percent believe schools should teach climate science. The teachers also said they had trouble finding good tools to teach it a NASA. Climate scientist is working with Nebraska School to develop a curriculum that lets students get their hands on the same tools. Leading researchers use BECCA Castillo of net news reports sciences clear that. Earth's climate is changing mostly caused by human activity but there's still a lot of skepticism about it and how to teach it in public schools. Global warming is a hoax is junk science. This is Paul Meyer a former school board member in an Omaha suburb in two thousand seventeen. He was asking the State Board of education not to add climate change to education standards. I had one of my goals was to make sure that our kids were taught in an honest and truthful manner. I do not want them brainwashed or indoctrinated with falsehoods sentiment like that frustrates climate scientists like NASA's Marc Chandler who uses sophisticated computer models to predict. What's going to happen to the climate and the next ten twenty or even a hundred years whenever there's a tool that most people don't understand can pull out the whole card of. Oh it's just those geeky scientists doing something that none of us understand so a few years ago Chandler started talking with his friend Cory Forbes a science education researcher and professor at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Forbes. New Public School. Teachers had a hard time helping students understand. Climate Science Forbes says the two wrote a proposal to develop climate science curriculum and got a grant from the National Science Foundation. We're focused on pudding. Authentic scientific tools in the hands of teachers and students which is not something that they typically have access to the curriculum is designed to teach students about climate change by giving them access to the same computer models. Marc Chandler is using at NASA officials. Phones Wave Gonzalez. They're trying it out in classrooms like Mary. Burke Maros in Lincoln Nebraska. She helps the teens and her Earth Science class work with a web based interface called easy. Gm that stands for global climate. Modelling Chandler built it so anyone could operate and understand the complicated modeling process. What do you think I WANNA use for? Climate variable for the Sun snow and ice cover more than a thousand Lincoln public. School students have used the program over the last three years. Mara says there's no agenda other than asking students to reach their own conclusions. It's more of A. Go inquiry process where rather than just kind of being given the information the notice wander and start driving their own questions. Morrow who's been teaching climate change for the past decade previously had to develop her own lessons as she went along. She says her students respond much better to hands on projects like easy. Gm It allows the students to do things that are way above the capacity of normal classroom. So it's really exciting. The team developing the climate modeling curriculum is recruiting more Nebraska. Teachers for summer workshops on how to use it in their own classrooms next school year. I'm so excited that you all Nebraska or doing this. This is so exciting. Andreessen Rica's isn't education researcher. Who helped the National Research Council develop next generation science standards being used in twenty states and I think teachers are hungry for this kind of work. They're really hungry for this created curriculum. There's just not a whole lot models out

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Nebraska Teachers Are Piloting a Climate Science Curriculum Using NASA Data

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