Big 12, Big Ten, ACC among tourneys to ban fans


On the college level all the big conferences announcing that as of Thursday fans will be restricted from their games some of the conferences like the big east were a little slower than others to make the decision but ultimately they came to the same decision as the other conferences the NC double a saying it's tournament as a whole will not have fans in the stands Wednesday we had Boston University with the patriot league we have the SEC tournament the big ten tournament Big East Tournament ACC tournament which is here on ESPN radio the ACC night ending with Syracuse beating North Carolina tar heels coach Roy Williams this is a very serious problem you know last night I made a joke about how that it frustrated me because they said people it was sixty when I'm sixty nine but this is the most serious problem that I can remember in our country that there's no quick answer for you know the stock market's going crazy well it's just see if you can do some things but this is a this is a virus this is a possibility of people getting very sick and dying and it's something that in my mind is more serious than anything I can

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