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Of run towards at a time when running something it more and more of us are actually turning to for exercise for head space and for our once a day reason together at the house. Britain is dealing with an unprecedented situation where self-isolating and socially distancing ourselves although going I exercise and get a breath of fresh air once a day is still allowed for no anyway so today I'm joined by someone. Who's trying to come up with solutions for people needing motivated or held off the sofa. The Wonderful Sally Gunnell here. Hello Hello your right. So you K- swear is when surviving got three boys and a husband who locked in a house and Our so far so good. It's strange isn't it everything that's going on? You would never have predicted. This would be the situation no not at all and I think part of it is just not knowing how long or what we're going to go through is is it's very stressful worrying times and I think the more that we could he paul off Sanity and health and everything and positives that the better that will get through this and hopefully the quicker that we can get through this as well. Yeah no absolutely. I mean over the last few weeks as well sally. We've seen so much canceled. You know in terms of sport as well even the Olympics being postponed. That's not happen before it. It's it's massive. No and in a my husband has got three guys. Try to train for the Olympics and I think it was just the uncertainty. I think that was what was so stressful. Because you know as an athlete in trying to get them. Keep going because you don't know whether it's going to get cancelled until it officially highs but you know to have the motivation to push yourself Diane. Diane in today's session was with so difficult for the so. Now we know it's going back to next year. We still don't no quite when this point but they're just reassessed goes yesterday was all about you know what the next six weeks look like you know had we wrote It's just you know the the back in on it. A guy in something's always say happens for a reason. Maybe we'll be in better shape by next year older sorts of things but it's just getting the vocals and getting everybody focus which is challenging time for everybody that But in the publisher of their life and it might be taken away while the opportunity still bay their next year. That's what's so scary. I think some people I know. It's too heartbreaking for all those amazing athletes have trained so hard as you said and then they've just just had this opportunity taken away but yeah. Let's hope the next year they're still in great shape that they might be fit or and faster and stronger next year. Exactly that's the way to at no with the magical the Internet although to be honest with my inability to sell computer. I never thought the selling are. We're GONNA connect today at all and what we call there and it's amazing. Actually so I'm I'm at my house in South Westland and and your hi Sally. So we're socially distancing. Were taking that books. Well we are going to talk about running because at this time are so many people are at home desperately wanting to do something but not sure what they can do and Do you know it's been amazing? How many people are you just wear way live now obscene out roaming which I don't normally say tool so I think there's lots of people know that they've got their little outing out of exercise? What's the best way to do it on a bike should go for a walk but I guess you know? Running is is easy. It's simple just need a pair of shoes you can shove on any any perish trainers the leggings or jogging buttons or t shirts. Whatever you want and go out that straight out that door you have to go everywhere and I think that's why it's so tempting at the moment because it's fresh air it's you sanitation a and I think the me that is probably the number one thing it's mine my moments away from the rest of the family this week. We do we still. We felt so cooped up way. Nothing from my relatives smoke. Just let off loveliest just may on my own outside in the fresh air and I just felt hundreds better and it was a very attractive. Roaming varies slow applauded but you know what? That's fine. Nothing that's that's where it's so important running and that's why we love it so much. Yeah no I totally agree. Ju I'm actually. I have still been going into work because I'm doing a radio. Show they clashed. You pose an element as a key worker. So yeah we're going to work so I leave my four in the morning and I run home because I don't want to use public transport and I want to make sure I'm staying in socially distant from everyone so run home but there one day last week around on the Mau and I was the only person on the mound and it was ten thirsty ten thirsty of the day on a weekday usually as busy traffic everywhere or a couple of cars but really it was completely quiet. I took a food too and I was the only person outside Buckingham Palace. It was so strange. Never Happen Again. And that is just weird. Isn't it nice when you when you are out running and you? And you're not dodging people. How Nice in that respect. Yeah I know I mean as you get as I went down towards the river as a run towards the river. There are more people you do see people running and it's quite funny so you're running along and you can see someone running towards and I suppose both of our heads are like. Oh that to me to rule and it's quite funny. How people run extreme either sides of the pavement and it sometimes quite funny. I recognize ads. Don't on Xtra Mile. Every time I've run home in avoiding people seems to be that. It's like a kind of complete avoidance scheme as well as you just. WanNa make sure that you don't worry someone by getting to clues or that. You meet them panic that maybe you're getting up close and personal. I do agreeing. Running seems to be a great way to get there. Yeah and it's funny. How my son? Running habits have changed in this loss cup of this last week. Really and We'll go out earlier in the morning because I know the be less people out there so I think that's probably really important you know. I think I've sussed out sort of three to five o'clock where everybody goes out cycling or walking so that's probably the time to sit of nothing. I found my money dog. Everybody wants to stop and stroke. The dog and I was like that. Because you never know you so I always put her on a leash. Now if I am running or if I see somebody coming then I'll put her on a lead Tyke big widely round. Am I running Glaus? Because I think if I've got to open a gate or I've got to touch something rather at least gloves on and I can take them off so I think it's just thinking isn't it in that way really and trying to find quieter areas you know. I think it's about you know you know just thinking about maybe all go by this way or if I drive to that point then it's going to be a bit Claude. I think it's just about thinking differently and I think is about you know. Where can you go which you? You don't WanNa see loads of people. I think you have to plan it a little bit. It's interesting because you're you're talking about it from countryside perspective so I'm here in central and I'm running home so I do. I run and gloves but I run and gloves because I get cooled hands anyway so I have Renews Syndrome which is bad circulation so I tend to run and gloves Noaa but when I get to traffic lights I talked with my elbow. Don't WanNa touch your face and then when you whenever got like a sweaty face. I'm trying to clear. I'm no using my forearm to wipe it so my arms disgusting and I have a little rucksack. 'cause I'm always running from work and my rucksack. I have a tiny little tiny little mini. Pat like hand sanitizer. So it's always an easy access area so if I need to if I have to touch traffic lights or something out then I instantly get the hand Sanitizer I. I'm using my hands. Then put my gloves back on as well. So we're all so much more aware of the hygiene but it's you do it like if anyone touches something and you touch after your quickly hand sanitizing would probably normally be taken as a fence. That's the way the way we are. It isn't that nobody looks you any differently if you if you you know the big wide loop around them or any of those things it's a it's just acceptable. Isn't it now? I know although I tried smile at people as I'm running home still and people are no on a smiling mood. I'm I feel like we're in it together. We should always smiling and saying hi but no it definitely is no. It doesn't feel as friendly as it was suddenly. And there's this whole thing do you. Halla 'cause I always say I liked people morning if I'm running and there is that whole thing do you say how do you do that? And there's a so a look at each other and you see some people's heads just go straight down and tried to say still say hello to everybody but in a big loop round lot lot. We said really. But it's it's it's it's funny. Isn't it strange ensue? When I feed on the radio of people text in as well until the by going out and getting fit and there's a lot of people with families who are desperate golden gopher run but they've got kids so it's not as easy so what they're doing is they're tack teaming with their other half and there's one couple and the they have a root and the idea is they've got to raise and see who can get home. Quick quickest pose. You've got to trust the other. Half does the root properly. But that's quite a good way there and keep doing exercise and I think there's a lot of people that live on the ruin and I honestly can't imagine what that must be like the movement because it must be so I've I'm someone that needs an other people around me. I just I'm just used to. I guess if you're on your own I think there is an element of getting there as being a really important part of the day for you. Imagine being on you any must be so difficult. I mean yeah you know. There's me moaning about over boys and everything like that. Just have an I. Guess Yeah just getting out is just absolutely crucial. And so that that form of exercise and I think we're running is you know I'd like to think that I absolutely do it but it is. You know everybody can run. You can teach yourself to run and it doesn't have to be false D- He doesn't have to be for long distance and I think just the health benefits author isn't a note just your that Drowned already know getting. It's about being raised. Your heart rate is an all forms of exercise. That's what we've got to do to make sure that we get in and we get unhealthy and its fact. Finding Weisenthal surrounding is such a great way of raising the heart rate. I think the thing that I've found with my running is over. The last week is the I've had different variety to the car running in the same place Normally do I've tried to do different sessions than I think. Some people just think Romney's Iran and that you've just got to go out and run for fifteen twenty minutes in that does get full right So I've been doing the things that he'll running like hill ranks last hardest as well as Exhaust as but then it doesn't take very long mats and you get the health benefits of getting the heart rate top of pumping about quicker. And I thought you know. I'm a bit line. I'm very different. I used to anything I can get it over and done with quaker and I've done it then. The bathroom is often do a lot of back. And it's quite easy. You can find a get somewhere. Find the hill. That down a little colder sacco where it doesn't have to be very long and then I just tabligh run up and do sort of like three short. Ron's I might do three at medium rounds and three little bit longer with a job back on won't back to the sets in twenty minutes. Bannon and you're done and that's probably something that's quite good. You could do with kids and family members as well because I can just do NASA will backer. Not Thought is Tho- those thanks. Yeah it could be.

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Sally Gunnell MBE

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