Pop Music In The Age Of Covid



Atty drowned himself in wine. That song came out about a year ago. When you were curly obsessing over the crazy times we were living in then. What new meaning does a song like that have today? I was thinking about that. Actually I was like I. I like that song even more now but I I was really writing at. Moore's a political thing and now it's it's just a more universal thing I mean this is like the black plague sort of thing and people online. I've been reading like there's a theory that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth and King Lear under for like eighteen months or something and so there's certainly a lot of time for at least creative people to buckle down and try to make something new but yeah we could all use some peace of mind and you know I actually have been taking some time out of the day to find peace like meditate or try to meditate. I'm not very good at it but especially the first especially those first few days of no school as just like I need something and it's not as not drugs or drink and I just needed some quiet time Does even five minutes was helpful. The amount of news about Corona viruses. Absolutely crazy so it's it's nice to put the phone down sometimes so the viruses obviously changed how you can work with other people and how. You're kind of self isolated. Does it change your priorities as a storyteller and what you want to talk about and sing about yeah. I mean I don't know but as a storyteller yet I don't know if I've quite been like oh now I know what to write about but as a human being and I think a lot of people probably feel a bit of this is a human being you kind of understand life in a different way that we haven't had to deal with in this country like we've seen people in Syria waiting in long queues for rice from the back of a truck. And we've never really had to do that here at least in my lifetime so going to the grocery store the past few weeks has been eye opening for sure and realizing how good we had it and how good we still have. We Have Electricity Water Internet net flicks all that stuff. I mean. We're pretty comfortable here. Imagine if all that was wiped away yeah I mean. There's a bigger emphasis in my life on my family on joy. I guess whatever however you get joy but just making the most of life and I think this is you know teaching a lot of people lessons as to what is really important in their life and what they would spend their time doing. And that's the silver lining. I guess you could say be. Beeman is a singer and songwriter. You can find his music at Beeman DOT com. That's B. H. I. M. A. N. DOT COM B. S. We go out. I WANNA play another one of your songs because I think it's a good song for now it's called. Can't nobody stop us be? Thanks so much for coming on the show. Thank you John.

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