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Fanatics shifts production from MLB jerseys to masks and gowns to fight coronavirus


The Los Angeles Times noting. It is a beautiful day for baseball with a picture of the empty dodger stadium instead of a new season. Of course the league is announcing something else. A new partnership to try to help those on the frontlines fighting Corona Virus Major League Baseball and the Sportswear Company fanatics have stopped producing baseball jerseys. Inter now using that fabric to make masks and hospital gowns joining me now for an exclusive interview is rob Manfred. Who's the Commissioner of Major League Baseball also with US Michael Rubin the founder and Executive Chairman of Fanatics? And he also happens to be Kohner CO owner of the Great Philadelphia. Seventy sixers basketball team as well as across the river. The New Jersey Devils Michael. Let me start with you. What happens to the masks and gowns that you produce what happens? Is We as you said? We recognize that we had this incredible manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania that had the ability to take the baseball fabrics retirement and mass and uniform so we started producing them a few days. They'll we've got a goal to make a million and get donate those two People need them over the next several weeks and months. I'm Pennsylvania New Jersey New York. That's fantastic commissioner. No baseball today obviously means a lot of disappointed. People are so few. Joyce left now obviously nothing compared to the death and destruction. We're seeing but for no no baseball. More concretely means no work for ballpark employees. People who don't make all that much money to be frank food vendors ticket-takers security guards parking lot attendants now I know. Mlb Major League Baseball committed thirty million dollars to support those employees. Can you break that down? For how many people will get access to the money? How many how much will they get? How long will it last well? The pledge was a million dollars per club the number of employees at each club. Varese really And so you know exactly how much each employer get will vary by clubs. Club will use their million dollars In the way that's the most efficient effective in order to provide assistance to the type of seasonal employees. That you're talking about on news really a a a major commitment. The I league wide commitment of its type and one that doubt were product represents kind of spirit of our worship through

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Fanatics shifts production from MLB jerseys to masks and gowns to fight coronavirus

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