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Randall Stephenson to Retire as CEO of Dallas-Based AT&T, Serve as Executive Chairman of the Board until January 2021


It looks like we are going to have a success a change in leadership at eighteen T. first we have Bob you're stepping down at the Walt Disney company now Randall Stephenson CEO of and chairman of eighteenth he is stepping down will be succeeded by chance thank you Mr president chief operating officer to help us get a sense of what's going on at eighteen T. we welcome John bother jump but was a senior telecom analyst for Bloomberg intelligence John thanks so much for joining us was this a surprise move here good morning Paul so I would say the news itself is not surprising Sir John Stansky has been groomed for this spot for a couple years now and I think people knew pretty clearly that Stevenson was on is going on out there was no outside search under way the Kurdish survey the whole field that make the right choice here what's curious to me is the timing it's coming a bit sooner than expected my mind I really thought this was all gonna probably go down at your end and you can you know that Tom alter a tumultuous times we're living through with the corona virus and it really the unsteady results at eighteen T. and all companies I just think the timing is not I think the transition itself is not

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