Roundabout Roundup: Project Runway, Comments by Celebs, and Tomato Timer


That. We think you'll find is useful or enjoyable as we do. We call this our roundabout roundup and I will go first. My daughter and I have been watching project runway The most recent season that finished up. I believe sometime in March This is season eighteen. And it's on its back on Bravo so it wasn't bravo than it moved to lifetime now came back to Bravo and it has carly kloss in the Heidi Klum role and Christian Syria. No past winner in the Tim. Gunn role and people were concerned about this to use the word that Tim. Gunn like to use a lot But I'm here to tell you that Christian is great. He is fun and funny and he just he just goes around and says and he can convey quite a lot with his little man but he has really good feedback and advice and he yeah. He's good he's gone so yes she soon. I feel like maybe watching project runway so we just started and It's been something fun doing together. Nice so and it's the season's over so you can you know you can start from the beginning and get all the way through it without having to wait for anything so astle we are doing Nicole. What is on the instagram minute? It you actually gone this one for me Catherine type in quite enjoying of late. So thank you very much for doing the research for me this past week. But I'm going to shout out an instagram account called comments by celebs and it's basically screen shots of instagram posts on which a celebrity has commented and You often see Chrissy Teigen but Lots of good ones. That give you make you chuckle. A lot of them are like former CO stars or You know where they're commenting on one another's page or There is even you know sister. You know siblings and It's cool it's it's very random and in it's kind of fun to see that they're just like us in the same vein of A. Didn't we WANNA talk here about rob blow on Instagram? And how his son has his sons roast him on instagram. All the time and this is sort of similar yet in spirit like there's one here just looking at its huge ackman's a instagram account. Any posted a picture of him and his wife and he was commemorating the twenty four. The last twenty four years so is there. Twenty four th wedding anniversary. So is that a picture of him and his lovely wife twenty four years ago and so he's saying you know I love you devs with every fiber my soul happy anniversary Yada Yada Yada and then Ryan Reynolds comments hanging there. Deb So it was just destroyed. You need at this time. That's right exactly. It's a lips. Have a Lotta time on their hands right now. So probably will be comedy have to do that. So what do you have Terry this week? Well for those of us who are still actually working. I have a recommendation of a very simple APP. That was very helpful for me. This past week is were recording. I think I've talked about before about the pomodoro technique by which you work for twenty five minutes get five minutes off work for twenty five minutes five minutes off. I think I've probably suggested other tools for doing this that I have used for awhile and then discarded as is my way but The one that I am using just at the moment that was very helpful. Got Me through a really intense four days worth of work. is just called tomato timer. And it's on the APP store for iphone. At least I don't know about android but it's just it has a little circle and you poke the circle and it starts counting down to zero and then it puts another circle for your five minutes and it's just that visual as the time goes the filling on the inside of the circle goes down so you kind of have a visual reminder. Also casts shows the time as it takes down Not a lot of bells and whistles not a lot of stuff to type in and fill in and follow up and report and all that just counts down for you in a visual manner. You can have it on your iphone next to your computer as you're working on it will keep you focused. Theoretically it did it worked very well for me for that space of time. So

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