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Most immediate concern to the cancelling of the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments the conference journeys are called off as well that includes the big east although they didn't cancel things until after the first half between St John's and Creighton had been played at the garden yesterday the NBA season suspended a second member of the jazz now testing positive for the virus Donovan Donovan Mitchell is infected along with Rudy go bare the NHL season now also on hold it hopes to resume its campaign at a later date commissioner Gary Bettman has reportedly told teams to start working with their home venues to find dates to possibly host games into July the start of baseball season will be pushed back at least two weeks the remaining spring training games all canceled cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein knows it's a rare time in which even our national pastime has to give way to reality is concerned for everybody from you know our co workers and friends and colleagues to families and and Chicago back home in the country as a whole in the world is also the issue when you focus on the big picture it makes a lot easier to make some small collective sacrifices they're gonna be kia to all of us sticking together and get through this together the Yankees did get in one last exhibition game yesterday they beat the national six to three the starting job for

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The sports universe hard of

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