How To Use Fear To Your Advantage


Healer relationship. Grow Business Master your money or even solve world hunger the three words you need our way for it. Everything is figure out a ball. I gotta say that little phrase has changed my life and it's the title of my new book which is about to change yours. It's available now so go get your copy at everything is dot com and useful. Thank you so much. I have a question about business and fear. I'm twenty five and recently finished Grad school and have been trying to launch a freelance writing career. I have small jobs here and there but nothing as substantial as I've lost and I know I can handle I know. Part of it is simply fear of getting started and wrapped up in that fear of failing even a little fear of succeeding interesting. How can I either get over this fear and start building my business successfully or use the fear to my advantage. This is so juicy juicy juicy juicy like a ripe peach. Here's why it's so juicy. It's not about getting over your fear it's about getting into your fear no seriously it really is about getting into your favorite. So here's the whole thing about fear and my man. Josh pice taught me this brilliant brilliant brilliant man. Fear is nothing but fuel fear. If you really break it down is a sensation in your body and unfortunately our society has conditioned most of us out of experiencing it so. It's something that we push against. We resist we. Don't even want to look at it when in reality that fear is incredible fuel. That can just jet blast you towards your dreams. Here's what I mean once. A mentor taught me this. That fear is excitement with the brakes on and the whole secret to using fear to your advantage is to learn how to what Josh Calls. Party with your fear. What does that mean? It means experience fear as a sensation in your body without going into the mental drama about. Oh my God am I gonNa fail or all my God. Am I going to succeed and put all of your attention on feeling what those sensations feel like? Is it champagne bubbles? Do you feel a little bit like when you're going on a roller coaster and you're going up the hill and you're like. Oh my God my stomach's getting butterfly is but then what happens right? If you got stuck at the top of that roller coaster ride it would be terrifying. You'd be frozen in that one spot if you just stopped and you didn't experience all of it but if you actually let yourself go and you ride the fear all of a sudden it turns into exhilaration and it's like the best freaking time ever. That is what's possible when you party with your fever. We all do. It's called the ridiculous activating system. Your reticulose activate exists. Yes it sounds more complicated than it actually is in reality. It's quite simple. It's this tiny tiny like the size of your fingernail little piece of your brain stem. That's responsible for filtering in and filtering out information as you know it would be impossible for us to take in the millions and millions and millions of pieces of information of sensory data. That's coming all over us so the particular activating system helps you narrow in on what's most important for you. It tells your brain what to focus on. So if you have ultimate clarity about your business fantasy right. What kind of publications do you WANNA write for? How much money you want to make. What are the people that you want to associate with like really crystal clear picture of this dream career that you're creating your brain will help you bring your dreams into reality at actually becomes a partner in you having everything he wants? So it's really easy doesn't require anything else. Besides you having clarity so the next thing I recommend for you is getting yourself. What's known as a power posse when you're first starting out and you want to launch something big? You're creating something from nothing. You need other awesome people to hang out with and more specifically people that are instigating and initiating their own success. Here's why it's important for any of us who on somewhat of an entrepreneurial path we need other people to hang out with need to share notes with people. We need to be able to talk about our disappointments to talk about our wins and to keep each other going. This is hugely important. I know in my life. When I first started most

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