A Walking Tour of Dublin, Ireland


Start. Today's all Irish. Our with tips for a walking tour of Dublin with nearly two million people in Greater Dublin. Ireland's capital is by far its biggest city and it thrives with Arts Entertainment Food and fun just taking a walk through Ireland's capital. You can see and experience so much of its charm. That can know where to look and if you know where to walk. It's even better. That's why we've invited to Great Irish guides. Joe Darcy and Karen O'hare to join us in our studios for a guided stroll through Dublin. Joe and Karen thanks for being with us. Our pleasure great to be here so if you're going to take somebody on a walk through. Dublin where we just start. I think I'd probably start up. Stephen's Green which is at the south. End of Grafton Street is a pedestrianised shopping street and Stevens. Green is a beautiful manicured Eighteenth Century Park. It reminds me of when you get off the platform and suddenly. You're at hogwarts step out of the middle of this busy packed city into a beautiful manicured park actually reminds me of London. Very much so probably. That's because it was designed in a time when Dublin was actually the second city in the British Empire. Oh without question. In everything. From the the wrought iron fencing around the entire park to the style of landscape architecture inside the park is very very limited those parts in London and Joe when we think of Saint Stephen's Green. Today it has some connections with Ireland's difficult fight for independence Jordan. The nineteen sixteen religion on Easter Monday called eastern evasion and there was one. Contingent of artists rebelled swear in command of Stevens granddaughter. Job was to mind. Stephen Greene barricaded streets on prevent British reinforcements from getting into the city centre and amazingly their only experience of warfare. Because he's not. Soldiers was watching the pathway news from World War One and where everybody was digging trenches all over Belgium France so they dug trenches in Stephen's Green. Hold out but of course British army caught up to four storey buildings all around the Gresham hotel. They had a clear line of fire. Is like they're digging their own tombs. Yeah Yeah So. They retreated from their interface called the Royal College of Surgeons. Which is just when you come out with Stephen Screen through that gate around. He'll after all colleges charges and you can still see bullet marks into whole memorial to mention. Yeah Yeah Yeah let host reminded of the the blood that was last is Ireland one. It's independent that was no easy feat the more understanding of history you bring your visit to. Dublin the more. You'll enjoy your sightseeing today when I go to Saint Stephen Screen it's Of course you've got the history but it's just a festival of of youth and families in life. People are feeding the ducks in the pond. There's a little theater there. And it's and it's the kickoff point for Grafton Street Karen mentioned Grafton Street Joe when he walked down Grafton Street What are you gonNA find? You're gonNA find a multitude of small shops as well as the big retail shops. Actually strangely enough when you come down from Stevens Gray and one of the first big shops you say you left US Disneyland. So there's a store you know. This is the High Rent Street and you have the high rents treated drives out the local businesses and it brings in the what. Are you gonNA see Karen when you walk down Grafton Street well I think the first thing that you notice is the street is seething with life there's wall to wall people coming and going in either direction and you know living in Dublin. You're always if you live there you're gonna run into someone you know in that street. You know when you walk down it you don't see any churches right on the street but hiding a little bit off. The way is a Catholic Church. Why would a Catholic Church be hiding off the main street in Dublin? Well Saint Theresa's Church right off. Grafton Street was One of the first places that it was allowable. I believe for Roman Catholics to openly worship after the period of time in the eighteenth century known as the penal laws when open practice of Roman Catholicism was officially outlawed by British rulers in Ireland so that churches write-offs in Stephen's Green and it's very much an oasis of tranquility in the city as it has been since the eighteenth century Saint Teresa's. It's a beautiful church to depend to end. It is interesting to think that in Ireland. Dublin was sort of London's second city and it was very not Catholic but when Catholicism was allowed you could worship as Catholics in Dublin but keep a low profile exactly so these great churches are tucked away in the back streets although they were allowed to openly practice. That wasn't really opened. That was in inverted commas. The church still had to be kinda hidden away. They weren't allowed to build churches on a main street. That's why it's down outside. So it Joe at the bottom of Grafton street you come to a very important College Beautiful College Trinity College and originally for the elites for the Protestant kids but of course today Everybody's welcome as it traveled. How do enjoy Trinity College? Well the best way to visit is to go into the front main entrance on an area called college dot Grafton Street just continue on straight over to your right hand side and you come into a beautiful Georgian Square. A huge amount of Dobbin was rebuilt. George an and that's like neoclassical screams. British Empire Eighteenth Century he and George W was rebuilt in the eighteenth century in Georgia. So we're one of the best Georgian cities. In Britain colleges SORTA like the elite colleagues for Ireland. Even go to college was founded in one thousand nine hundred hundred nothing left of the original college. It was almost totally rebuilt starting in Sixteen Ninety S and then Roy Eighteenth Century Karen my favorite thing when I step through that Grand. Entrance of Trinity is a little table where our students offering tours? Yeah that's right and I used to live right across from that table when I was in college and Trinity. Right in front square and there are students known as scholars of the college who've passed a competitive examination to have free tuition at the college and they give tours of front square dressed in the academic gowns. That were still common among students until recently and they are really eloquent. Fun-loving students giving you a candid. Look at student life. It's very inexpensive. It's a great way to get a sense of Trinity College absolutely in a great way to get a sense of the tradition of wit in Dublin. It goes back to one of the most famous Students at Trinity Oscar Wilde are guides to Dublin travel with Rick Steves are irish-american Cure. No half he attended. Kennedy College is an expert on the Ellen pipes which he performs with the company trio opened the door for three Joe. Darcy provides custom walking tours of Dublin and was recently on the board of historic Sweeney's pharmacy. Where James Joyce readings are given throughout the week when we go to Trinity College? Of course you've got to go to the library and see the book of Kells and so one of the most important medieval art treasures in Western civilization when you leave trinity when I was really struck by is a bank that used to be the parliament step in there and you get a little dose of British rule of Ireland Joe. Tickets into that the most important building built in Dobbin Jordan rebuilding eighteenth century was a new bike camera. Houses apartment one of the first purpose built house the parliament certainly in Europe. If not the world took about forty years to complete S- between seventeen forty. Seven hundred eighty and housed. Two Chambers House will come in the House of Lords very much along the the British can step into one of those houses to this day. It's open during banking errors free and and you really got sense of that little after the act of union and the first of January eighteen hundred one we became part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Bank of Ireland. Arden's forced commercial bank. They took over the building paid for the House of Commons. Hot To be put out of use never to be used as a place of assembly again but they said nothing about the House of Lords so the Bank of art and has maintained. And it's a beautiful room. It's mostly open Jordan banking hours occasionally there's functions and there you'll see a sign outside that it's either open or closed. I stumbled into it just this last year. I never knew about it and it was great

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