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Soccer, Cordero And Carlos Cordeiro discussed on Sal Licata


An unprecedented response in the sports world it started with the NBA suspending its season definitely after Rudy go bare of the jazz tested positive for cove in nineteen his teammate Donovan Mitchell now diagnosed with the virus is well the NHL follow the NBA's leave their season is put on hold but they are hoping they'll be able to resume at some point even if their playoff wanted taking them into July no men's or women's NCAA basketball champions will be crowned this year both tournaments have been canceled conference tourneys canceled as well not until after St John's and Creighton played the first half of their second round game in the big east the start of baseball season will be pushed back at least two weeks the remaining spring training games called off yeah he did get in one last exhibition game yesterday they beat the national six to three Jonathan Lowe why we get the starter three innings of one run ball NFL teams are curtailing or completely stopping scouting operations the jets among several teams who have ordered their scouts and assistant coaches to return home the league canceled its main owners meeting scheduled for later this month in Florida the XFL has canceled the remainder of its first season elsewhere MLS soccer suspending it things for thirty days the PGA scrap Players Championship after its first round was played yesterday tournaments for the next three weeks are all called off the U. S. soccer federation canceling exhibitions this month and next for the men's and women's national team's federation president Carlos Cordeiro or Cordero has resigned after the organization disparaged women's soccer in a gender discrimination lawsuit with reports every twenty minutes Harris.

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Soccer, Cordero And Carlos Cordeiro discussed on Sal Licata

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