An InSight Update - burst 2


Keep my finger on the pulse of the Mars Rovers situation if story about Mars and the robots. That are working. There comes up. I'm for sure reading it so dear listeners. Imagine my delight when I found out. What insight has been up to a brief insight? Recap about a year and a half ago inside landed on Mars and since then has been doing some extremely neat science insight was the first lander. Send the sound of Martian wind back to Earth around the same time inside placed a size monitor on the surface to check on possible Mars quakes and about a year ago it registered its first one since February of last year inside has been trying to drill down into the ground on Mars to take some temperature readings. It being something totally new there have been some unexpected issues. Turns OUT THE SOIL? Mars is less sandy and much more clumpy than anyone knew. I guess that sort of comes with the territory when you're doing interplanetary science fast forward just this past week. The digging probe stuck and the NASA folks are at their last resort

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