'The Way Back' Cinematographer: Edu Grau.


Next guest is one of the best. Cinematography is on the planet. His work includes a single man. Buried the gift Lady Gaga supporting this way in the recently released in my favorite movie of Twenty Twenty. The way back please. Welcome cinematographer Ed. Who Grow and how is life treating you today? Thanks for being on the show. Thank you so much crazy with the current enviros arriving to the US. You know we're here. We're fine you know Should buy these one. Yes I have to say before we we logged on I was looking at the visual through skype and I saw your beautiful daughter into what a wonderful you must be. Is that your only child of it was at your She's twenty months on. She might be thinking he Beginning and saying things run the moment so I apologize in advance. Oh no apology needed so I know you were born in Barcelona Do you still have a home there or have you permanently settled in the US? Yeah well you know. I'm settling the US here in Los Angeles. But I still keep my family. My roots inbox alone. So I have a house of Wego a couple of times a year for the month or something. You know depending on schedules on Organ Holidays and Family. And so on. So so yeah. It's always good to be routed somewhere like at least to do. Remember your roots lists you know absolutely. I know you went to school there. You went to sentiment. Auto visuals school in A Catalonia. Saying that right and Barcelona's did I say that correctly as it is. It's gotTa do Luna in. Barcelona are now Giralda. But yes. Yeah you said it much better than I did and I know that's I know that's those big part of your life and I also know part of your life. Is Your Dad bringing you to art galleries and really exposing you? Because you and I'm not just saying this because you're on the show but you are really really gifted at what you do. I'm blown away by your work. What are you credits? She was all of your experiences or is it. Just you know a lot of what your dad did for you the school. How do you view that I think the question but I would say you know we part of we grow up with them? It's a whole. It's a lot of little rock's on the path you know. So is the the schools I went to the university and changed my life of Li Li. You know even the school I went afterwards. I went to the National Philanthropic School in London for two years. So you know so. I think he's a compilation united thing. It's one one book path in on. Obviously yeah I come from Was interested in Raleigh on. But then you know I think that the most you know the the Mazda Boorda moment as I was growing Abbey was one one my best friend was. I wanted to study cinema. Oh you know what I would also like their studies senior running down moment. I needs like twelve. Would like he never become a filmmaker. He became a philosopher on Matthew. My and mathematicians and now web. You know so it's like I'm so life goes in the pads and Curran's and then suddenly you're taking with dot gerring go somewhere in on sunny. That's what you do enough so I don't know you know it's all out of a moment. Imagine you

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