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Why Do We Sing in the Shower?



I think we can all admit that we've pulled a Paris bueller once or twice while lathered up in the shower. Everyone sometimes grabs a handy bottle of shampoo was an Improv. Microphone and busts out a tune or two. There's just something completely satisfying about singing in the shower even celebrities do it. According to People magazine after Jack Black likes to belt out led Zeppelin and Wycliffe. Sean digs a little bruce springsteen everyone's a rockstar in the bathroom whether you have a voice like aretha Franklin or couldn't carry a melody if it had a handle but have you ever wondered about this phenomenon. Some of US wouldn't see in public if someone paid us. We'll sing in the shower without embarrassment. Believe it or not there is a scientific explanation behind our soapy. Musical stylings first. Let's look at why we're relaxed enough in the shower to bust into song. I think about it. You don't sing when you're sad unless you're singing the blues. Maybe for many people shower times the only time they're alone all day. You're in a warm small safe environment. You're comfortable enough to be in the buff stress literally washes off of you when you relax your brain releases dopamine which can give your creative juices a jump start. Warm waters rushing over you and now you're relaxed and feeling good. It turns out that singing makes you feel even better singing because of the breathing that you put into. It gets more oxygen to the blood. This gives you better circulation. Which in turn improves your body and mood. And because you have to breathe a little deeper to belt out a song you get some of the same relaxation and mind clearing benefits as meditation. Another neat thing. Is that when you're singing? You can't really think about your problems. More stress relief. But the best thing about sending in the shower the acoustics. You couldn't ask for a better sound system than a bathroom because bathroom tiles. Don't absorb sound. Your Voice bounces back and forth around the room before fading away and because the shower is a small space it boosts your voice and even adds a little base making your singing sound more powerful sound bouncing also gives your vocal styling a reverse effect which makes voice hang in the air longer and evens out variations in your singing. I think of it as a primitive auto tune. It makes you sound better than you normally would. Which is a confidence boost? We don't sing in the shower simply because we have that song stuck in our heads. You know the one it turns out. We do it for many reasons. Stress Relief happiness great acoustics or maybe just because we like to hear our own voices no matter what the reason keep it up. It's good for you and if you've never tried it pick a song and put on your own private concert.

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Why Do We Sing in the Shower?

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