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Disney CEO BOB. Iger is handing over the keys to the magic kingdom immediately. What I couldn't maybe it's not really. He's not going anywhere. I know he's not going to play with this beautiful succession. It's so ordered. It's just weird that it comes down to show. I'm leaving today but anyway I ever stepped down. I WanNa hear whether you've I wanna hear your your you actually no one. I want to hear some of your water cooler scuttle butt. Todd you give you my theory and go wild whatever. Go while. You're seeing that if anyone doesn't know this my son was yesterday afternoon. Bob Stepping down as Disney CEO. It's effective yesterday and replaced by Bob. Pick which has done a good job at theme parks. I guess he's been there a long time. Head of the company's Global Parks and unlike NBC. I was thinking. Wow he's not content creative guys a park that we think of it differently at comcast I think parks are important but it was almost like a secondary thing that we did comcast got when they took me started with garden. Graham Cast Disney started with good argue both NBC Universal and and Disney have been very good at coordinating those parts. Were you surprised the parks guy would run the entire creative operation of Stephanie's yes I I I don't know anyway. He will report directly to either. Who's going to stay on through his contract as Executive Chairman and basically the guy is going to report to the board so the his contract goes through the end of twenty twenty one he been. Ceo For fifteen years overseeing a tremendous growth at Disney acquisitions like Pixar Marvel Lucasfilm and most recently Fox's well as his shift to streaming with the launch of ESPN plus Disney plus in an interview exclusive interview on CNBC. I explained his decision was we looked at the businesses. We felt we have a great set of assets. We have a great strategy. What's next and what was next in terms of my own priorities is making sure that the creative pipeline and the company was really rich that all our creative engines were working extremely well and I wanted spend more and more of my time on that. I'm not sure I want to be. Ceo Virus either so with a theme park. Here's my theory of the case. Okay bye-bye signs a new employment contract as part of the transaction to buy Fox Rupert Murdoch stipulates that he has to be there. Okay Hey that him. By the way we went wild speculation that prevents him from running for president. And if you're really into wild speculation there are people out there that are suggesting somehow that this is some kind of entree to some kind of a Bloomberg Eiger of now. It's taking that off the table. That's crazy however he's still going to be in this place. Becky said it. He's not going anywhere he's effectively. The two bobs are basically running this place. Bob's reporting to him. So if Bob the new Bob about doesn't work out for whatever reason Bob Eiger is still there. He's also seen many transitions where people are sitting in waiting. Why wait it's possible? And I hope I for the new Bob Sake that it works out but if it doesn't and we've seen this story by the way at salesforce just happened yesterday where the CEO. Kevin Block didn't work out so could another Kevin in this case Kevin Mayor Ultimate step up? That's the person everybody expected was gonNA take the job to me. The big question mark this morning is if you are Kevin May or running Disney. Plus are you staying in this job because you thought potentially that you were getting the top job to me. Those are the issues that are being talked about around. The water

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