A highlight from Part 1: Pete Fornatale, Alan Foreman, Sid Fernando


Start of ob s june three days to wrap up the two year old sales season and actually some horses of racing ages. Well the next three days ten thirty the action starts was digging through cadillac. And we'll talk. I'm sure would sit in our three hour to will Touch on the end of the season and of course more and more freshman sires getting their winners starting to have fun and track some of those precocious stallion types in the runners that they're getting and that'll be part of the next couple of days as the season wraps up the cadillac. The kept to catalog actually and Company we got not naive. Eight hundred fifty before outs nine hundred give or take. So we'll be keeping an eye on that Starting at ten thirty and of course. We'll also talk to sit. As part of our regular sire watch pedigree refocused brought to you my hill and dale. And how do you not. How do you not consider what is is doing With another belmont winner. We'll see what would sit thought

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