How the Philadelphia Eagles Create Engaging Fan Content With Voice


Are sports. Bran were sports organizations. Sports club anybody's ever worked in. The sports industry. Knows that you know. We operate as a small business. Our resources review we are strapped. A little bit in terms of how many people are actually in our organization. Even though i think we re tend to lean the little heavier on our side rightfully so. I think we're doing a lot everywhere but we also want to be mindful. We can't hire alexa amazon alexa developers. We can't google news feed developers and You know i would love to hire them to be honest with you but at the end of the day you know we try to partner with vendors. Who help us be as nimble as possible so that we can bring that vendor versatility and at which allows us to play freely an truly focused on our content strategy versus thinking about. How do we program this. How do we not program. Business overall Thinking about strategy. The one thing that we realized is We didn't want to just do something as As as this kind of luted to is we have podcasts distribution channels every weekend absolutely just put all of our podcasts right on our voice channels and be done with it and we would kind of check off that box i think for us what was important is how do we program nuances voice interactions and so have you where we can ultimately start having conversational content without their so if a fan is asking for x. y. they're able to not only get xyz but also taken down a path of potentially learning more about additional content and things of that sort You know my kids play with the disney app. All the time. And mickey comes on and he'll he'll kind of go and ask some trivia questions that my kids are so engaged. Because they're talking with mickey and they like mickey and i'm every week the contents fresh different right so We wanted the ability to program such content without having the you know having a higher additional engineers to help us have program. Weakened weak out. We'll to the philadelphia eagles voice assistance. Here's some things you can say. Good storm you've been saying play. The latest eagles insider podcast flexibility to program really quickly is really what we're looking for and and and our voice is really what costs you know. We'll talk more about the product. I'm sure but you know. We love that flexibility. Beloved nimble nests for rebel. To do what we wanna do week over week. We changed certain. Uh strategic points depending on men's losses in our team is performing what they're doing and what they're not doing all the different nuances the program very easily and really best the solution. We're looking for

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